Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for getting back to basics.  This world provides so much for us and we insert complexity to make it more.  I’m not saying advances in technology aren’t amazing or necessary.  But I am concerned about the pace and the purpose behind some of it.  For example, we are given food and water directly from nature.  We’ve adapted and created mass production.  But we’ve also created pesticides and a slew of other issues.  We have the ability to communicate with each other world wide, but we don’t mind our words.  So, after weeks of pushing and burning the candle at both ends, I slowed down.  I took my time and picked out some good produce to reintroduce meal prep into my life.  I took the time to read and write. AND SLEEP.  I’ve also started taking some me-time again.  Connecting to self is where it all starts.

Today I’m grateful for my health.  As I mentioned above, I needed to get back to basics.  I quite literally bought food from the Earth instead of packages, and I’ve been working out a few days a week again.  Reclaiming and sustaining my physical health has helped ease the mental strain I’ve been under.  I will say the resilience of the human body and mind is unbelievable.  I’m not short of trauma responses or defense mechanisms—but I appreciate everything my mind and body have endured and taken me through.  I’m learning to love taking care of this vessel. 

Today I am grateful for spontaneous projects.  We’ve been a little lackluster on finishing details on the house and this weekend I decided we could at least paint one room.  We had paint leftover from when we fixed up our townhouse so we used that to finish our living room.  It was a wonderful time to reconnect and put my focus on something other than my spinning thoughts.  It was also really nice to get something done around the house.  I also found the perfect chair for my office so it completely feels like mine now.  It feels more like home putting those finishing touches in, the touches that are mine.  I’ve been feeling some imposter syndrome since we moved in, so it feels comforting to settle in.

Today I am grateful to adapt.  We’ve had issues with our refrigerator since we moved in and today the water line started leaking.  We knew it was coming, we just didn’t expect it today.  But all things happen for a reason and we simply started moving forward with working on getting a new refrigerator.  I’m looking at it as another opportunity to make the house ours. 

Today I am grateful to witness the innocence of my child.  One of the groups I follow drew a card about connecting with our inner child as a way to spark joy and to inspire creativity.  While we were painting, I watched my son turn paint stirrers into swords so he could “rescue” me, I watched him curl up on my chair and pretend to wake up to “go to work in the morning” and greet the day with a, “What a beautiful day,” and I watched him, and I watched him play with a vintage record player from one of my friends and he asked me to sing for him and he told me one of the songs reminded him of me.  There is something so pure in the infinite possibility of life.  A reminder that joy comes from how we look at things, not what happens.  Kids are amazing at practicing life.  Why do we ever teach them to forget?

Today I am grateful for time with my family.  This is not a new one, but I will always express it.  I got to spend time with my parents today (we watched the dog play in the yard and talked about the future), I got to talk to my sister for about an hour (it’s been longer than I care to admit since we’ve talked), and I got to work on my house with my husband (creating what we want).  It’s all about being intentional and planning out what your goals are.  For a long time I didn’t acknowledge how lucky I am to have these people in my life.  Now I’m much more intentional about spending time and going out of my way to make time to be together. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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