Universal Support

Photo by Darrell Gough on Pexels.com

I’m listening to Mel Robbins discuss working with the universe and how we put things into motion in our lives.  When we start behaving and acting in a way authentically aligned with who we are, responding to the call of our soul, the universe responds.  We get signs and feedback and clues to our next steps and often, we are shown signs that what we have chosen for ourselves is right. I can absolutely say with 100% certainty that this is true.  I’ve made some radical changes in the last few months and I have had to take a long look at my behavior.  Seeing what I need to do and taking action on it has been the key in making the shifts I wanted, happen.  For example, I know I’ve needed to strengthen my resolve and trust my leadership abilities and, as timing would have it, the universe gave me an opportunity. 

I’ve been dealing with an incredibly emotional and difficult situation at work.  I felt quite lost because I KNEW what I did was right and I knew that I handled myself well but I still had to work my way through a challenge to my abilities as well as my character.  This wasn’t an emotional issue for me as far as “right” or “wrong,” it was emotional because I knew it was right and I was questioning the follow through.  I also knew I had to go through this to learn how to stand my ground with people I normally wouldn’t challenge (my boss and human resources and an angry employee).  And as soon as I did and backed myself up, everything fell into place.  The situation resolved itself, I learned I could trust myself, and I learned I could handle myself well.        

I learned a few lessons as well.  When it comes to manifesting, I need some work in the honesty department—clarity too.  I’ve been practicing but these are areas that make manifesting all the easier.   For the work situation, I wasn’t entirely honest when it came to how things were handled.  My boss made the comment, “I hope you feel supported.”  I told her, “It’s not that I don’t feel supported, I don’t feel safe.”  The truth was quite simple—I didn’t feel safe because I didn’t feel entirely supported.  Now, I’ve mentioned this before so I’ll say it again: I genuinely feel like my boss is the kind of person where she sees the potential and she wants me to step up.  I don’t feel she’s being malicious.  But in this case, there was a clear line that needed to be upheld and we were working in some pretty grey territory.  I knew I had her support on a personal level—no doubt.  But on a professional level, I could see she felt nervous to take a stand.  So, I’ve learned that I could have been more honest in what I needed.  I’ve also learned that I am able to express fact without emotion tied to it.  And when things run their course, they are done.      

Moving forward, I feel slightly hypocritical.  The work example is just one of what is going on, but the truth now is that I feel so incredibly blessed and I know I am ready to level up in many ways….but I know there are some steps I need to take now and I am terrified to take them.  Not because I fear lack of support—but because I fear that I will do so well and I won’t be able to maintain it.  I still lack the confidence to maintain what I start.  And that is where clarity comes in.  When you are creating a new life for yourself, you CAN NOT be vague.  It does not work.  Today’s message from Robbins’ talk hit me at exactly the right time: if you are going to create something and you are getting the signs that it is right, you need to run with it.  And who would I be if I didn’t follow my own advice and trust that it is right?  The point is simple: pay attention and take the chances given to us.  They are all part of what we asked for.  Believe they are for you because I can guarantee they are.

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