Trust It’s Yours

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“If the dream is in you, it’s for you.” Amber Lilyestrom.  This is a perfect follow up to our discussion about mindset.  Don’t let bullshit feelings of being unworthy or having to prove yourself talk you out of a goal you have.  If it came to you, it is for a reason.  Liz Gilbert spoke about the magic of creativity and how if these ideas come to us, they are meant for us to work with.  They WANT us to work with them and they want to come to life.  We are all messengers—we need to get in tune and start picking up on what we are meant to share.  I feel the same message applies to the life we want to create as well, not just creative work.  If we are given the dream, it is meant for us and if we don’t act on it, it may pass by.

We tend to let ego and emotion run the show—I know I did.  If something didn’t look exactly as I envisioned it, I always took that as my idea wasn’t good enough, which naturally meant I wasn’t good enough.  Cue sorrow and self-pity and whining and years of sitting still doing nothing but bathing in self-created misery.  Let me tell you a shift in mindset is the most beautiful thing that can happen.

When we truly start to understand that everything happens for a reason—everything—life starts to shift for us.  We suddenly become more open and accepting of what happens and we get a clearer eye that certain things simply have nothing to do with us.  We learn our boundaries and we define what works and what doesn’t work for ourselves—and we acknowledge that we are allowed to do that.  Most importantly we learn that almost nothing in this world is personal.  At the very least we learn we don’t have to take it personally.

When you drop the weight of other people’s opinions (and even your own) the freedom is amazing.  All it takes is a little self-confidence and a lot of “fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.”  Sometimes it even takes a little, “This is crazy and I have no idea why I want to, but I’m going to.”  We just have to trust that if it came our way, it was meant to happen.  It isn’t our job to pull the reins, it’s our job to hold on and take in whatever life brings us.

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