Conscious Evolution

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“You my friend have the power to change your life,” Gabby Bernstein.  This is a great follow up to Saturday’s post.  I love the idea of conscious evolution.  The idea that we have the power to change our lives with careful planning and execution.  We can have such an impact on the world if we normalize allowing ourselves to go toward our natural inclinations.  If we took the time to instill the power of authenticity and curiosity rather than telling people what they need to do we would get in touch with our intuition again.  These are not lessons we teach.  We fear other people’s power because we fear they will strip away our identities.  But we look past the key point: our identity has already been stripped when we enter the college-loan-work program.  We spend our time asking for permission to enjoy our lives and we settle for two weeks off a year including sick time.  We settle for what someone tells us we are worth.  We settle for giving our money away over and over again via taxes and purchasing THINGS.  My friends, there is so much more out there.

What used to be a deep seeded secret no one talked about is now more and more apparent.  What was bubbling is now boiling just beneath.  We know the life we’ve been groomed for is bogus.  Not that it doesn’t work for some, but the problem is that it doesn’t work for all.  The one size fits all mold we are supposed to follow doesn’t work.  We have been blessed with the ability to create and that streak doesn’t look the same for everyone.  This life isn’t meant to look the same for everyone.  We aren’t Stepford.  This is the real world and we were given unique purposes.  The idea we needed to squelch creativity for the greater good is so outdated.  It is stifling to believe we all need to do the same thing over and over again.  Who even said that was right in the first place?  Now it is about what our unique gifts can bring to the table.    

The beauty of this life is that we can make it what we want.  We have the power to sit with what we have and appreciate it but we also have the power to make it into something more.  We have the power to adapt and change.  When we stop listening to the program and start tapping into what we really are, that is when the magic happens.  There is an entire universe of support out there, more than we could ever imagine.  We don’t need permission to engage it—we don’t need to be told we are worthy or that we have to do it a certain way.  We just need to take the leap. Sometimes we feel we are at our lowest but we are really just creating energy to make that leap.   

Appreciating where we are is wonderful, but making moves on where we want to be is even better.  And it isn’t about control over others, it’s about recognizing the inherent power we’ve been given to do beautiful things in this world.  We are the result of billions of chemical reactions, almost an accident of nature—but we are here and there has to be some design to that.  We worry about control because we are afraid of the unknown, but we can learn to harness that control to manifest it.  We can make the unknown known.  The world becomes a less scary place.

We are so much more powerful than we are ever taught.  People fear power, and sometimes they even fear their own power.  With power comes responsibility and THAT is also something people fear.  I know that I’ve been afraid to step up because I wasn’t sure I could maintain what I was doing or if I could be able to do it again if I needed to move on to something new.  But the truth is, when we are engaged with source and connected to our purpose, it is a free flow of thought and connection and energy that will always get us right where we need to be.  It’s available to us all.

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