Making the Right Moves

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To echo the post about speeding up by slowing down, I found a quote from @richforever that says, “I don’t want to move fast, I want to move correctly.”  It doesn’t matter how fast you go if you’re making the wrong moves.  That’s a waste of time and energy.  Now, this isn’t to be misconstrued with perfectionism.  This is talking referencing purposeful moves, moves that yield results, moves with intention and direction.  As much as we do, there isn’t a point if we aren’t working with forward momentum.

The point isn’t to simply cross the finish line, it is to produce longevity in the way of results toward a goal.  It doesn’t matter how much you achieve or how quickly if it isn’t something that is fulfilling.  Movement without direction is just activity—it’s just motion.  Movement with purpose is productivity.  Now in that case, it doesn’t matter if the action takes twenty minutes or twenty years, if you get where you’re supposed to at the end of the day, then it was worth it. 

To circle back on the point about perfectionism, this is an easy trap for perfectionists to fall in.  They may end up never moving because they’re always waiting for the right time.  But this is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to find the things that drive us, find the real motivation and make a decision on what we want.  That is the marker of progress.  If the moves we make align with who we are and the goals we have set for ourselves, it is never wrong.

Between the two quotes, the point is to be thoughtful, present, and intentional in what you do.  It isn’t about achieving number one.  I used to panic about only having one shot at life so I tried to do EVERYTHING on my own.  It ended up paralyzing me and I ended up further behind than if I had just gone forward focused on one thing.  So learn to sit with yourself and the thoughts that come through.  Act on what is right for you and be calculated enough to decide on action based on what serves your purpose—and what allows you to serve your purpose.  The next step always reveals itself.        

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