Slow and Steady

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“Speed up by slowing down,” Gabby Bernstein.  Chaos is a part of life.  Work, home, relationships, hobbies, whatever it may be we are pulled in multiple directions at once.  The other weekend we were in the throws of figuring out the transaction for our house as we waded through contract after contract, finding mistakes and signing and re-signing paperwork.  We were waiting for documentation on what we were clearing for our home as well as a finalization from the underwriters to proceed.  Frayed nerves are an understatement.  I had work to do for my 9-5 as well as for my side projects and I didn’t get as far ahead as I needed so I felt completely overwhelmed.

My husband looked at me and said, “Let’s go.”  I had no idea where we were going but I gave into him because my energy had nowhere else to go—nothing productive was getting done.  We ended up about 35 minutes from our house at a lake we’d never seen before.  We watched the boats in the water, the water itself stirred with their wakes.  The wind cooled the 90 degree air and we found a small tree to stand under near the water’s edge.  Standing there watching the water, a new calmness washed over us.  We looked at each other and smiled.  There was nothing going on.  We weren’t swimming, we weren’t on a boat, we just stood near the water and felt peace.  Nothing needed to be done in that moment.

We took our son out to lunch and we laughed like we hadn’t in a while.  My four year old looked at me and he said, “I love it when you make that smiling face.”  My heart broke at first.  I thought to myself, “Do I look that miserable all the time?  Have I let that much joy go out of my life?”  I made a promise there to be more gentle with my son, to lower the expectations, and to be present.  Honestly, all the work in the world could have been sitting at my feet and I had no desire to touch it—I just wanted to smile with him and my husband. 

When we got back home, things started flowing.  We had the energy to finish what we need to and even communication with the transaction smoothed out.  My son gave me enough lessons to help with my writing—and I let time go.  I realized that I wanted to feel like that.  That peace and centeredness is what moved me forward.  Not pushing, not rushing, not fighting—just pausing and resetting.  Plus we found a really cool lake that we can go visit again.  The point is letting go got it done.  Slowing down made it happen.  So take a pause—don’t stop, but take a breath and see how much further you get.

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