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“Be like water,” Bruce Lee. I thought a lot about what this quote meant.  Does it mean be formless, no identity?  Does it mean always stay your course?  Or does it mean be flexible to the environment around you?  I believe it means the latter flexibility while maintaining the integrity of who you are.  Adapt, but don’t lose who you are.  Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth.  It does what it does with no care or concern for what others think of it.  It simply is, and it gives life and takes it away.  It moves in it’s own rhythm.  When water sits in one place it becomes stagnant.  We need to take that lesson as well—if we try to control or keep things the same for too long, we lose the ability to move and we become stagnant as well.  We are meant to move. 

It’s key to know ourselves, to embrace our power like water.  When we know who we are, we move differently.  We don’t force ourselves to be in situations that aren’t a good fit, situations that might make us spill over the edge.  We move on.  We don’t make a big deal of it, we don’t force, we just move.  The human side of us may get upset because we see we may not fit in everywhere, even if we think we really want it.  But there is a driving force in each of us that keeps us on the track meant for us.  Sometimes we have to carve our own way.

Like water, I honor who I am.  I’m embracing my identity and I feel the desire to prove and adapt to other people’s expectations fading away.  I only want to be me.  That is something I’m willing to work for.  When we allow other people to set the bar for us, we may never attain their goals.  It’s more important to meet our own goals, to set our own expectations, to shatter our own glass ceilings, than to search for the approval of someone who can change the level depending on how they feel that day.  We aren’t designed to meet other’s expectations—we are designed to embrace who we are.    

Rachel Wolchin said, “I’ll never stop doing it just because it didn’t work out the first time.”  Also like water, we need to be resilient and persistent.  It may take time to achieve what we are looking for, but we must always keep going.  Head toward our goal with relentless determination and know that we will get there one way or another.  We may have to turn new directions and carve new paths, but when we are true to who we are and we honor what we are meant to do, we are unstoppable. As a fire sign I used to feel like water would put me out.  Now I see that all of the elements are in us at all times and it is our job to learn how to use them.  Everything we are can be used to create or destroy—I choose to create.

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