Another Talk on Purpose

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Following up on yesterday’s talk regarding the job of being ourselves, I found a gorgeous page on Instagram called Jasmine’s Garden.  The video she put up discussed purpose and redefining what purpose is.  Understanding that we are already walking in our purpose as well as why we limit what we think our purpose is.  She spoke about how we limit our purpose to a particular goal or a moment and she said that our purpose can change from day to day just like we do.  My mind was blown.  I have ALWAYS thought we were here for one thing—to find one thing and do that.  Jasmine talked about how we are so much more than a moment. She used gorgeous examples like one day listening to a friend, then trying a new recipe and that some days that one thing is ENOUGH.

I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and my animals but I am always rushing.  I’m always trying to fit EVERYTHING in.  I work full time and the house needs to be taken care of and the animals need attention, my son needs attention and I allow that to become a burden rather than a gift.  I have lost sight of being in the moment and learning from it in favor of pushing through what I “need” to because I allowed myself to believe that I needed to be working toward a grand moment of fulfillment.  That’s a bullshit story.

On the cosmic level, we are so miniscule that we barely register.  Our presence matters regardless of how small we are, but I think we need to understand that we have a tendency to let our egos get in the way.  We need to be more gentle with ourselves—at least I do.  And perhaps our purpose isn’t to change the entire world but to change the world for someone.  To learn to work together.  I don’t need to complete a check list to make myself worthy or to “earn” the time to spend with my family.  I have a family and I can prioritize the time I want to spend with them right NOW.  I have here NOW.  This is all that is guaranteed.  I don’t need to be worthy of something to stop and love them.  It’s already here and my purpose is to be with them.

Finding ourselves and being who we are allows us to find our purpose and to experience the moments that come our way with ease.  It allows us to be intentional and to live with the idea that the experiences that cross our paths are meant for us.  We don’t have to live life as if it’s a quest, constantly fighting and discovering and peeling and DOING.  All we need to do is experience.  Live intentionally and with presence and the rest takes care of itself.  With intention, life happens.  With experience we learn more.  With a new perspective, purpose reveals itself.

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