Follow The Rabbit

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“Once you go down the rabbit hole, there is no going back.  Prepare to leave the world you thought you knew.”  We talked about choices yesterday and I wanted to dig a little deeper.  I want to elaborate that I understand why we agonize over some decisions.  We feel like they can alter the whole course of our lives.  And some do.  Where we live, where we work, who we have relationships with, all of those things have a major impact on our lives.  Quite literally, there is no going back and we are often never the same after incidents involving any of those core things. 

We never stop to ask if those changes are a bad thing.  We never really consider if it is a bad thing to leave behind what we thought we knew in favor of learning something new.  We embrace our fears first for our own preservation and are trained to push against change.  The more important question isn’t whether or not we can avoid change or whether or not change is bad, but how can we consciously create changes that serve the greater good?  Purposeful change.  I’ve spoken about that many times over the last few years and I stand by it.

We don’t always have the choice for change to be purposeful.  I’m going through it right now with my company being bought out.  While many things are the same for now, it is very clear that large changes are coming that have already been decided regardless of our input.  For those cases, it’s a different type of rabbit hole but the lesson remains the same: take it as it comes.  And even if it isn’t planned, it doesn’t mean those changes are bad either.

The truth is change rarely comes at the ideal time.  That is part of what makes it scary, because it’s unpredictable.  Then again the world itself isn’t predictable, so why not venture into something real?  Why not leave behind what you thought you knew in favor of what is real?  Or what you can create?  We can treat this life as an adventure or an obligation and the more we are in line with what we are trying to do, the easier it will be.  We can look at each twist and turn as an opportunity whether we chose it or not. 

We can’t live the same day over and over again for 90 years and call it a life.  We aren’t designed that way.  We have been given so much more bandwidth than that and it is our job to apply it.  There was a time, not that long ago, when it appeared conformity served.  Following the system felt safe and it provided.  Move forward almost 100 years and we see how it only served the few.  It’s time to jump down another rabbit hole:  creating a world up to the speed we see now, one that serves everyone.  In reality, if the system doesn’t work for all, then it doesn’t work.  We are on the precipice of a time where we know the system is breaking and we need to put something else in its place.  That is an adventure we can all partake in. 

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