Welcome March–Looking Over the Last Year

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

“The level up will require you to push yourself past what you know yourself to be”—spiritual quora.  The last year has brought us things we never thought we would see whether it was working and schooling from home, to wearing masks everywhere, to experiencing holidays apart, to not going out with friends anymore.  Some of that is fine and well but we haven’t really processed the level of loss that really came with the whole thing.  We have been deprived of real human contact for over a year.  We have had to learn new means of communicating as normal.  We have lost jobs, homes, people.  Life is no longer what we knew it to be—and I think that is for a reason. 

The last year in all of its horrific experience has put us in a position where we are supposed to grow.  We are supposed to be uncomfortable, we should be horrified at what is going on, we should feel sadness witnessing what is happening all around us.  Without those feelings how would we level up?  Complacency no longer serves us and nature is quite literally telling us that what we have been doing no longer works—we need to level up.

I’ve often quoted the line that says, “Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart, they are falling into place.” Everything we know is falling apart, and I have wished repeatedly in the last 365 days that people would just stop.  Stop rushing to get through something that we don’t understand.  Stop trying to make the abnormal normal.  While it’s fine to adapt, it isn’t fine to adapt in ways we always have—and that is why the pause is so necessary.  We have to take the time to see what is different so we can see how to approach this.  We have to let what no longer serves fall away so we can remake something better for all.

I know I’ve spoken of that often—and I’ve failed often at seeing it through.  I’m human as much as the next person.  I didn’t make any noble gesture and quit my job or start setting up systems to aide people.  No, I kept doing my job.  I had some weak moments in buying unnecessary things to comfort myself.  And I made decisions like I’ve always made them.  We all do what we need to do to make it through the day, so I understand how people end up repeating what they are used to and how the pause is uncomfortable.  However, in looking at the big picture, we have to sense that we need something different.

All we can do is be more cognizant of our actions and more aware of the big picture.  So I will keep talking about it.  I will keep spreading hope that we can make the changes needed to make this world a better place for ourselves and for the future.  I will keep acknowledging my humanity and that of everyone else because our paradigms are shifting and we need a new foundation that steadies us in what we really are.  Leveling up doesn’t mean acquiring more—it means releasing more.  Letting go of more fear, more wants, more “have-to’s.”  It means looking at our own needs and being comfortable acknowledging that everyone’s needs are the same—and we all have the right to meet those needs.  It means following what we are called to do.  It means bravely stepping forward and showing who we are.  That is the most important thing we can do now.  The rest will fall into place as we push past what we are comfortable with and into what comes next.

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