Give It All You Got

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I have another Gabby Bernstein quote tonight…it just fit the pattern. She said, “Don’t ask What happens if I do it? Ask What happens if I don’t do it.”  Our gifts aren’t meant to be stifled or hidden.  They are meant to be explored, developed, and shared.  We need to stop looking at our gifts as “just something we can do” or as something that makes us arrogant.  We have to look at our gifts as something we have an imperative to share with the world.  They are necessary and we wouldn’t have them if we weren’t meant to do something profound with them.

Our culture makes it seem like we are wrong for exploring things that interest us or that we are selfish for doing what we enjoy or crazy for trying to make a living doing something we love.  We feel like we can only accept what we’ve been told and anything else is unrealistic or unimportant.  We are also trained that we are meant to do nothing more than fit in and be part of the crowd.  When you start searching for your purpose it feels uncomfortable and questions of doubt and worth inevitably creep in.  It takes a lot of training to stop listening to that training and go with your gut. 

Decide to be who you are because that light you can share is irreplaceable and irrevocable.  It is necessary as much as breathing.  We are blessed to live in a time where our basic needs are readily available so we aren’t in survival mode…but we still behave as if we are in survival mode because, to us, being part of the group IS survival.  Getting a job and a home and paying bills is survival.  We shifted from hunting and gathering to nomadic life to agricultural life to consumer life and we are on the precipice of the next shift.  Our personal evolution is a part of bringing this in. 

What is at stake if you don’t answer your calling?  My friends, I can’t say over sell this: everything is at stake.  From your personal sanity, to your worth, to your fulfillment, to your gift opening up new ways to live in a world that is very much in need of an evolutionary revolution.  Times were never exactly easy for us but it was all from self inflicted aggravation.  This has been exposed, ripped wide open for us to deal with at the most basic level and we can no longer ignore it without serious consequences on what society will look like.  We have nothing but opportunity in front of us.  How exciting is that?

Again, change is difficult, it feels uncomfortable.  We don’t often fear failure, we fear success.  Success means that we stand out and our primal brain knows that standing out is potentially dangerous.  Success means that we are different than we thought we were.  Success means living at a different level, living up to a different standard than we may be accustomed to.  That means that we may have to give up some of what we know, if not all we know. 

The more we get used to the idea of change and what it really means the easier it becomes.  Change is like anything—it comes easier with practice.  I’m no pro, but I have dealt with a lot of change in my life and not much has gone according to my plan.  But I have always gotten where I need to be.  That in itself tells me there is a bigger reason to this thing called life, bigger than we can imagine.  We have a nearly endless array of technology and tools available to us.  Combine that with a sense of adaptability and some ingenuity, a dash of confidence, a splash of curiosity and we really have something.  Mary Oliver asked, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”  Don’t ever take a moment for granted and don’t for one second ever believe you aren’t worthy of going after what you want—no matter what anyone tells you.  The world needs you.

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