Soul’s Calling

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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy,” Rumi.  There is a feeling of immense relief when you’re in alignment.  There is no rushing, no filling of time, no catching up—there is just a prescient movement between what needs to be done.  The doing becomes effortless and intuitive.  There is a comfortable sense of inevitability as if you’re moving toward the goal, into that connection in the delta between your being and the universe.

I found myself feeling confused about the point of what we do in this world the other day.  This universe is so big, so expansive and I felt my smallness but I also feel how powerful we are.  Honestly, I felt conflicted because I feel such a strong sense of ownership in connection with source that I believe with all of my soul that we are capable of anything.  But the universe is so big that I see how small our impact may be.  The reality is we are all little atomic blips on a course we have little say over.  But connecting with authentic power puts us in a position where magic can really happen.

There is a significant difference in egoic power versus authentic power.  It is the difference between aligning with the flow and being swept away.  We have to decide what we want to do while we’re here.  We can partake in the joys we’ve created, the distractions presented to us, the imagined race to power or we can pause and look at what is really important.  All of the really important things are provided to us the moment we are born.  We have air in our lungs and brains ready to grasp any information presented to us.  We are blessed to hear the messages from the universe that tell us where to go. We have the capacity to love.  For those who aren’t as blessed as that, we have the capacity to share it with them as well—and we need to remember that is our real purpose.

If we quiet ourselves enough you will hear it and know that is true.  I’m learning to stop fighting over everything.  I allow myself to be the victim because it’s an identity I am familiar with. But that isn’t me and not everything is a fight and not everything is about hurting me.  I know I am strong, educated, and capable—I just allow myself to forget that because of my training.  I found myself falling into the victim pattern at work when it came to my employees and some co-workers.  I’m trying to make a conscious effort to be honest and not let myself hold things in, pretending everything is alright while my teams suffer.  So I spoke with my boss, nervous and anxious the whole time because I didn’t want to come across as someone who isn’t a team player.  She told me to deal with it head on—which I did.

I picked up the phone and spoke with the person I’ve been having some difficulty with.  I was honest and let him know the impact of what was happening.  He was completely receptive and understanding and we now have an arrangement of what is going to happen moving forward.  I was afraid of what I would look like in making this decision even though I knew it would be good for my team.  I had it so built up in my head I had visions of being told I would lose my job because I had to stop helping elsewhere and stick up for my team.   

Yes, it’s small example, but it speaks to how powerful we are.  We have the ability to work through situations more easily than we think we do.  We have the ability to shine even in simple moments of communication.  When we communicate from a place of honest authenticity we can move mountains if needed.  It doesn’t matter what people think of us.  Sometimes we just need to do what is right.  Don’t we say something along the lines of, “Sometimes we must do what is right, not what is easy.”?    Hearing our soul isn’t always easy, but it will always speak the truth.  And you will flow like the river, in divine motion, exactly where you need to go.

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