Obsession, Intention, and Fear

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

My son and I were playing with stickers in a book he got today from my mom.  I felt myself getting a little cringey because he was putting stickers in places they didn’t belong.  I realized in that instant I was perpetuating what I was taught—that everything had to be a certain way and everything has its place.  I stopped myself immediately and I let him play how he wanted to.  He’s only four…

It shows how subconscious the habit is.  I have a built in proclivity to just continually look at how things “should be.”  I have really been making an effort to not do that any longer, but it just comes out.  In reality, I need to ask if that is tied to my ego and the need to be right.  I have to start asking What is important to me—not my ego?

I know what is important to me: my family, communicating well—even if I have to walk away and come back later.  My health which I’m working on improving and have been going to my doctor’s appointments.  Fun which I’m learning to make more time for.  Travel which I’m planning on how to accomplish that.  But I find it ironic that we can go through and claim that we have a deep love of something but we work all of our time away from it instead of incorporating it. 

The things we value we will make time to incorporate in every action.  We have misinterpreted inconsistency for confusion, thinking that we aren’t sure of what we need to do when really we are acting in all sorts of directions so the universe can’t get a clear picture of what you’re trying to do.  When we aren’t aligned we are being unfaithful to ourselves, to our vision and our soul knows it.  Seeing these amazingly powerful women over the last few days has helped me redefine what I want to accomplish.  And what success means to me.  For me it means doing more of what makes me happy in order to help others do well.

Sometimes we fear losing what is valuable to us—we want to be really good at it or we want to make sure we never lose it.  We get paralyzed and sometimes don’t take action because it’s so important we don’t know how to move forward. Marie Forleo talks about fear as a sign post that we misunderstood (outside of situations that we actually use it to keep safe). She says fear is really a signal to take the leap, a guidepost toward something that we really want or that we are really meant to do.  It is a signal to press forward and boldly be who we are because we really like it. 

Sometimes knowing we have to take that leap is overwhelming but it is all part of the plan. Not everything becomes clear at once—and we must continually step forward toward what is true and what feels aligned for us.  It isn’t about perfection or putting things where they are supposed to go—it’s about putting it where they make sense to you. Sometimes it’s scary to do things differently than we’ve always done them but that is what we are directed to do because they are important to us. Pay attention to the things that you do without thinking and ask if that is what you really want to be doing.  Put the stickers where you want to: make it yours.  

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