Blank Calendars

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“My whole soul is in it,” President Joe Biden, Inauguration Day, Wednesday January 20, 2021.  A day of promise and hope.  A day when we know the deepest challenges begin.  I watched today, as history was made, and felt driven to do the work.  I’ve spoken so much about what I want to do, but it has been an uphill battle to balance out my life to accomplish it.  This is a direct result of choices and old habits.

 I look at my calendar and I see how empty it is.  I remember wanting to keep it full of free time, lots of empty blocks symbolizing untethered freedom. I used to get so mad when someone would put time on my calendar because I always felt like they were taking time from me, time away from what I really wanted to do. I usually ended up serving other people’s purposes regardless because I never set meaningful work or purpose into that calendar.  My day would be dictated to me because I didn’t set what I needed to do.  Now I see all of those blank squares as a blank slate to build the life I want to create.

When President Biden spoke today I was reminded that when you put your whole soul in something, the universe shifts.  Your world changes and suddenly the obstacles you saw no longer exist.  You can’t expect to build something if you haven’t built your time to support what you’re trying to accomplish.  So take the time to put what YOU want on your schedule—you are not a victim of your day or an observer.  You are a participant, a co-creator!  Be intentional.  Anyone who demands you give your time is not helping serve your purpose—they are for themselves.  It is for no one to decide what you do with your life.  We are so conditioned to sacrifice what we want for other’s in hopes they will like us and because we are told that’s what makes a good person. It is not, and it DOES NOT make you a good person. 

There is more than enough for all of us.  We were merely told that wasn’t so; a sleight of hand so others could use you for their end.  We are so blessedly rich and abundant—do ever forget that.  We’ve been given every tool we can imagine—and if we don’t have the tool we’ve been given the means to create the tool.  We’ve just gotten twisted on what the purpose of life is.

Be grateful, be conscious, be aligned, be alive.  All seemingly simple tasks, I know, but the distraction in our lives is at epidemic levels.  We can close the door on the last four years and take a breath of fresh air.  Every beginning is the ending of something else, and I know many are ready for this ending.  So what do you want to look for now that we have settled into the new year?  What do you want to do?  What can you put your entire soul into to breathe life into this weary world once more?  Hell, even if you need to breathe life into yourself first, so be it—but what can you do?  There is always something no matter how small. So start with being conscious and recognizing that there is so much more.    

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