Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for repeating messages.  I saw a post today about paying attention to messages because when you hear the same message three or more times, it is a message FOR you.  It is something you need to take action on—it is meant to direct you.

Today I am grateful for getting one step closer to building the life I want to.  When I wrote about routine the other day, that came from a place of deeply personal experience and it has been weighing heavily on my mind lately.  I’ve made a list of all the things I want to incorporate in my life, things that define who I want to be, things I want to make my life about.  Honestly, I’ve been one of those people with ambitious ideas but little follow-through because I get overwhelmed.  I’m taking it a little differently this year.  One day at a time.

Today I am grateful for deciding on a healthier lifestyle—eating, physical activity, quality family time.  I can tell you it hasn’t been easy but I know I need to commit.  I woke up and started cleaning and organizing almost immediately.  I’ve been trying different recipes weekly for quite some time now, and I’ve been shifting my diet to a more plant-based focus.  I took my son out for an early morning walk in the snow.  We played all day—and we napped for an hour.  I get to work on this now.  It honestly feels like a much more balanced lifestyle and I love it.

Today I am grateful for a clean house.  I’ve been on an organization kick because we have a lot of stuff in a small space.  I’m making small strides every week and it is making such a difference.  I was living out of boxes since early last spring because we had been trying to move.  Honestly, I was a little traumatized packing all of that stuff up because our realtor insisted that we have like no existence in our house.  I’m not ever going to let someone diminish me from my own space EVER again for any reason.  I will organize and make it work, but I am not disappearing from my own space to appease anyone.

Today I am grateful for maturing.  We’ve had a situation with a few of our neighbors parking where they shouldn’t (blocking our driveway).  There used to be a no parking sign there that someone took down and the association hasn’t replaced it yet.  When we’ve confronted them before they told us they were going to continue parking there and, in short, to stuff it.  Today we reached out to the association because we couldn’t get out of our house.  The association told us to call the cops—but we didn’t.  Believe me, I was pissed enough to do it but I knew we had an opportunity there.  We saw them come outside and my husband spoke with them.  Honestly, they didn’t bother moving their car but I know we did the right thing by talking with them first—and it was sexy as hell seeing him do that.

Today I am grateful for comfy pajamas.  I am so happy to wind down in super comfy sweats right now.  I’m totally relishing in it.  It’s the little things like finding that space for your body to rest and relax, and for me it’s my sweats while I sit on my bed.  And honestly, even that nap earlier… the comfort zone was real—that could have been its own section on gratitude 😊.  The peace I felt as I cuddled with my son surrounded by pillows and blankets and stuffed animals—I felt like a kid again and totally safe.  That was a really deep sleep and felt totally refreshed.  

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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