Habit of the Mind

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I’ve been working through Jen Sincero’s book, “Badass Habits.”  She talks about aligning your actions with who you want to be—we’ve talked about it before—but I really love how she breaks it down.  She talks about identifying a single trait rather than trying to overhaul your whole identity at once.  She walks through the words you use to describe yourself in your current state.  Then she takes you through breaking down your thoughts surrounding that identity.  Then she goes deeper into the beliefs you have about that identity and then the feelings.  Finally she wants you to look at the repeated actions you take that keep you where you are.

The cool thing about this process is you can look not only at your current state, but where you want to go.  Using the exact same steps above, pick an identity that you are striving to become, a new part of your personality you want to make your own.  Then work through what it would take to become that person by breaking down the steps above.  Slowly strip away the things that don’t align with that. 

In short, it’s about focus.  Eliminating distractions and bullshit stories (we’ve all got ‘em…too short, too fat, not enough time, not enough money, ‘I don’t know’ etc.).  To align with Sincero’s premise, it’s about being intentional with habits and knowing what you need to let go of as well as what habits you need to adopt to get where you want to go.  STEP INTO YOUR POWER!!

A good check point is to look at your gifts and see where you can use them.  Get serious about what you can offer and do that.  I challenge everyone to consider what you are willing to change to live the life you want.  Our routines also become habits so it is SO important to choose well, to choose how you want to feel—see above 😊 When you feel your life is stagnant or there is some part you can’t tolerate any longer, enforce that power to choose and recreate your habits.  It won’t all happen in one day but that one step will make you feel better than a million years running blindly on the same track.

So listen to that call.  Listen to those nudges inside that say, “It’s time to do something more” and shove fear aside to break free.  We have a limited time on this Earth so there is no reason to not go for it.  In 100 years we will all be gone anyway so take the chance and do what you are called to do.  Even if it starts with 15 minutes of dedicated action a day you will see a shift. 

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