Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for my beautiful boy.  This unbelievably amazing, stubborn, brilliant, kind hearted, whirl-wind, light of a being came into my life four years ago today and I couldn’t be more grateful.  The love and compassion he gives without any hesitation shows me what love is really about.  Lucky isn’t even the right word—I am blessed beyond belief to have this gift.  While it is his birthday,  I have the gift. 

Today I am grateful for the reminder of what my body can do.  My pregnancy was extremely challenging emotionally and physically.  At only seven weeks in, we thought we lost the baby—they still don’t know if I had possibly lost a twin.  I lost 25 pounds during my pregnancy because I couldn’t keep anything down.  I was alone most of the time because my husband worked insane hours.  I went back to work a week after having a C-section.  And I marvel that my body did all of that.  We truly are resilient.

I am grateful for the lessons my son has taught me.  The first one is to never underestimate what your children can teach you.  There is such depth in the hearts and minds of kids, a wisdom they have not yet forgotten.  Each generation comes to this Earth in hopes of keeping those lessons alive and we somehow manage to convince ourselves they are impossible dreams.  Spending any amount of time with your kids and listening to the way they speak, imagine, and dream shows you that those dreams are not impossible-they are necessary.

Today I am grateful to spend time in the dreams I thought I had forgotten.  Ah, the land of potential.  There truly is nothing that can’t be accomplished but we are inundated with negativity and other people’s perceptions of what we need to do that we don’t allow ourselves to live where our hearts reside.  It means making the decision to do what is necessary and sometimes uncomfortable.  It takes a keen sense of recognition of what is good for us and how we are toxic to ourselves.  All it takes is some committed decisions, drive, and effort.  Not that it is easy—but it is worth it.  

Today I am grateful for clarity over what needs to be done.  I took some time last night to really plan and break down some goals that I want to work on.  I had been creating such overwhelm for myself constantly thinking of everything that needs to be done and everything that I wanted to do that I wasn’t taking enough action—I’ve spoken about that before.  Taking the two hours I did to look at the scope of everything and to see the steps I need to take made me feel energized and hopeful.  It makes the goals I have seem plausible rather than fanciful. 

Today I am grateful to see the next steps in the path before me.  I am being shown signs that I’m on the right path.  To move forward I have to release my past and let go of my expectations over others.  Move forward with radical belief and faith—not blind, but complete.  Now is the time to get really clear on who I am and what the goal really is—what service I can offer and what I’d like to build for myself.  Live now, plan flexibly and love myself, be authentic, and share genuinely. “It’s time for you to start taking the necessary steps to become that version of yourself that you can’t stop dreaming about,” Awokenshit.

Today I am grateful to be alive.  I’m having one of those moments where I feel engaged and happy to be living my life.  It’s intoxicating when you’re taking aligned action.  Each step becomes clear as you walk the path.  The cycle of life is a short one and we all take the same journey.  The stops we make along the way are unique to each of us, those are the ones we have say in.  Make your journey an amazing one.

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