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I’m not into that New Year, New You thing…but this year I feel how significant and pressing the need is to become new people.  More importantly, to have a new mind set and a new perception.  I want to share that with everyone because change isn’t easy.  We all have fears about changing because of those comfort zones I mentioned the other day.  But when we are ready, that all changes.  I just wanted to share some words that went through my mind to help people look at things differently because I want these things for everyone. And I am incredibly grateful to have a blank page to start on.

I’m ready.  I’m ready to give up the bullshit stories, the fear stories I tell myself.  Ready to go after what I want in my life. To love myself in all my flawed perfection.  As I am, with what I can bring to the world.  I will make mistakes, I will backslide, but I will learn and try again.  I will accept my life.  I will make decisions aligned with my purpose and best interest and the greatest good of all.  But it will be what is right for me—not what I am told. 

I’m strong.  I’m ready to examine and break my habits and own my bullshit, one step at a time.  But decisions are mind.  And I’m capable.  I love myself.  I am ready.  Accepting me, living as I’m meant to.    All is well in my world.

That last line is the most important and comes from Louise Hay—All is well in my world.  It’s so important to remember that we have so much more going for us than against us.  Perspective changes how we approach things and remembering what our privilege really is opens our eyes to what we need and what we can give to those around us. 

Not long after I wrote those words, I took some time to draw cards.  From Super Attractor, I drew “Instead of worrying about the future, I know all is well when I’m aligned in the moment.”  From The Universe Has Your Back, “In every moment the universe is conspiring to bring me toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love.”  And from Spirit Junkie, “All that I need is coming to be in ways I could never have imagined.”  Clearly this is an affirmation of being present, releasing fears, knowing all is being taken care of.  We all need to remember that we are being guided.  To Beginnings!

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