A Quick Thanksgiving Message

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I’ve been developing a gratitude practice for a long time now so I’ve never felt the need to dedicate one day to being grateful.  I’ve also thought that only giving one day to express and feel gratitude deeply is a disservice to ourselves and everyone around us.  This entire year has expressly shown us that we need to be more present and recognize the gifts we have.  This is no longer the time to demand or be self-serving.  It is the time of making something of what we have.  It is time to create more than we consume.  The irony is not lost on me that this is the food holiday of the year but the point stands nonetheless.

I wish that we had been able to be with the entire family today, I really do.  But there was a certain peace about the day with just the three of us.  There was a slowing down and a coming back to ourselves rather than being performative or trying to control anything.  It was bittersweet, because at the same time, I feel like we really needed that connection this year, the familiarity of being together.  You never know, we could have ended up with a giant complaint fest over how the year has been so it may have been a blessing to learn to appreciate what we have together. 

Today was spent baking and cooking with my son, laughing with my husband, arguing with the dogs (and my son a few times), and then indulging in a small but plentiful meal and then we started decorating for Christmas.  While it was different, it was ours and the memories we made, I am truly thankful for.

No matter your tradition or what you did differently this year, I hope you had a wonderful day and made it an experience filled with love.  No matter your opinion of the holiday, there is power in being together, expressing gratitude, and loving each other unconditionally.  I choose to celebrate this day from that place.  Wishing you all well.   

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