Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful to break patterns.  I was feeling antsy this afternoon—really restless.  Instead of trying to figure out where to go I paused and realized I needed to move my body.  I took my son for a long walk through a neighborhood we hadn’t been through before.  Even though the weather was cold and windy, we were bundled up and kept going.  My son wanted to look for his treasure so we made a game of it and enjoyed seeing the neighborhood.  I also had a moment this morning of feeling insecure.  Memories of long ago were triggered and I found myself feeling not good enough.  I quickly stopped myself by saying, “This is where you are now and you have your talents and appeal.  You are beyond this” and it really helped me.

Today I am grateful for the uniqueness of the times we are in.  In spite of challenges we have faced this year, I love seeing reminders of our resilience and that there are different ways to do things.  It seems silly but there were houses who have both their fall decorations and their Christmas decorations up.  It’s so 2020 as far as anything goes.  If it feels good, just do it.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t what we are “supposed” to do—we can do things differently just because we like it.  To me that means there are plenty of opportunities out there to change.

Today I am grateful for purposeful rest.  Again, the weather hasn’t been the greatest, so we took time to really relax today.  I managed to get in a 30 minute nap and I felt amazing after I woke up.  I was able to get my meal prep done this morning and I even got to read for a little bit.  It all felt so right.  It’s amazing what happens when you do what you’re being called to do.

Today I am grateful to see and experience what is really important.  Family is number one for me, especially my son.  While we were on our treasure hunt I told him that he is my treasure.  In his beautiful three year old way he immediately told me that I am his mommy treasure.  Regardless of him repeating, it melted my heart and reminded me how lucky I am to be his mom.

Today I am grateful to be where I am.  It’s so easy to get caught up in where we are going and the things we want.  For the first time in a long time I am truly content to be where I am.  The truth is, I wasn’t here three years ago.  I wasn’t here even three months ago.  I am proud that I am now able to be more present.  Yes, I have more work to do and yes, I still have next level work that I am focused on—but I am content to be where I am because I am now in a position to get where I want to go.  What a blessing.

Today I am grateful for the adventure that is life.  It’s a beautiful thing to be alive because, no matter the external circumstances, we are always able to turn things around.  We are truly able to make the best of things and to deeply experience what we have.  In fact, it is often when we deeply experience what we have that we are able to make the best of things.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

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