Reminders of Faith

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Today I want to have a little discussion about faith.  I read a post on Instagram discussing how sometimes when we are ready to give up, to let it all go, we receive a message that tells us to stay the course.  In those darkest moments, sometimes a giant ray of light seeks us out and shines a spotlight telling us to continue.

I have been contemplating which direction I want to go in for some time now and I have received messages that, to me, weren’t exactly clear.  I have been ready to pursue some of my goals but I had intended to play it safe and give up the grand ideas.  Honestly, it didn’t bother me much because I still felt satisfied that I had outlined a plan for myself, yet, I knew that I would be giving up some things that are important to me.  In the synchronous, fortuitous way the universe works, the signs have been becoming clearer to continue.  Right before I saw the post I mentioned above, I had read a post from Marie Forleo talking about moving toward joy and paying attention to the signals—that’s all we have to do. 

So after reading the post on faith, I realized I need to live in more faith.  I have lived most of my life walking a tight rope, always afraid I’m going to fall, always overcorrecting and making myself fall.  I KNOW what I am capable of and I used to think knowing that was arrogance.  Now I see that my belief about arrogance undermined what I was supposed to do.  It undermined my ability to believe and to have faith that, even if it didn’t look as I thought it would, what I wanted was happening. The truth is, you move different when you understand your power.  So I need to have faith in the universe, in myself, because that faith creates trust.  Trust creates opportunities—the very opportunities we need.  My goal is to have opportunities and freedom and to create the same for other people.  As they say, faith can move mountains.  Let’s begin the climb. 

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