Sunday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for hope of a new beginning.  We have a chance as a whole to embrace a new chapter.  A chapter that is equitable and filled with possibility for all.  A chapter founded on the belief that we should all have the chance to create the life we want without unnecessary duress.  A chapter founded on the belief that humanity is more important than our bottom line.

Today I am grateful for the chance to create a new history in the process of blazing a trail.  I will not get into a political tirade but I can unequivocally declare that the last four years have been a spotlight on what is wrong with, not only our country, but with our sense of humanity.  Our highest office has been held by a misogynistic racist of a showman determined to drive us into submission unless your bank account was big enough.  As a healthcare worker experiencing this pandemic under this office, I can tell you it has been a nightmare—and it never needed be that way.  As a woman, having the fact highlighted that people can automatically discount you in a million ways based on gender—and to have nearly half a nation revere these behaviors—it is disheartening to see how much work we still have to do.  But I have hope that we are headed in the right direction.

Today I am grateful for communication.  I have a close family member who holds different views than I do regarding the election and we discussed that today.  While we agreed to disagree, it felt nice to be able to express opinions and share ideas with the resolve that we would be working toward something better for everyone in spite of those differences.

Today I am grateful for the privilege of time and resources.  I was able to spend a ton of time focused on my business this weekend.  I was able to cook beautiful food, work on my webpage, and work on my writing.  Granted I feel exhausted, but I am so, so blessed to be able to create and share what I have.  I do not take a second of that for granted. 

Today I am grateful for the beautiful breeze flowing through my house.  The evening is calm as the sun goes down and the delicious air feels like it’s clearing my house.  It feels like a weight has been lifted.  It’s a peaceful evening—and I am so lucky to have that. 

Today I am grateful.  Just a note in general—I am grateful to just exist in this moment and not worry about what needs to be done next.  To not worry about tomorrow.  To not worry about anything that may need to be done but to be in this moment. 

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

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