Sunday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the feeling of flow.  Every now and then things align exactly how they are meant to and there is a seamless movement between what needs to be done and what you want to be doing.  Today, blessedly, happened to be one of those days. 

Today I am grateful for emotional progress.  I had taken a few mental health days this past week and I feel good.  I took small steps each day in an effort to feel stable and I realized that I need to take control of my actions.  All of this turmoil (aside from the anxiety) is a direct result of my actions.

Today I am grateful for acceptance.  Normally I am grateful for other people accepting me, but today, I am grateful that I am able to accept myself.  Being in flow and transitioning without stress was a direct result of accepting myself and honoring what I wanted to do.

Today I am grateful for creativity.  We weren’t able to go trick or treating last night so I devised an egg hunt of sorts for my son.  I hid candy in little smashable eggs all over the house and let him find his treats that way.  He had a blast, he got all sugared up, and he still enjoyed Halloween.  I have been concerned about the influence this situation on my kid’s experience as a child.  But doing special things for him has brought me closer to him because I have made sure to be present for him and to make sure he still has fun memories of being a kid even if they are different.

Today I am grateful for fun.  I took down all of my Halloween decorations today and put up all of my fall décor.  I know we are facing another different experience this Thanksgiving so it’s nice to have some fun and practice some of the norm.  All of the little notes of gratitude that I put up in my home have a deeper meaning this year.  I am grateful we are well and that we are together and that I am able to see my family and that they are all healthy as well.

Today I am grateful to see the sun and to feel the light.  In these shortening, temperature-dropping days, it is nice to have such a beautiful day, to see the sun still shining so brightly.  It felt like it was trying to make the hours count.  The season has changed and I am ready for it.

Today I am grateful for rest.  As I’m writing this a little earlier tonight, I am grateful to spend the next few hours relaxing and enjoying some cuddle time with my family.  I’m grateful to slow down and take in the moment and hear the little “I love you’s” my son says. They mean everything to me.  

Everyone have a beautiful week!

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