Brain Fog

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I know we all go through periods where we simply aren’t connecting.  Not with people around us, communication feels stunted and difficult, getting through the day feels like running in a pool. I read a comment talking about the impact of trauma and the long term effects of pushing through and it mentioned that the brain “short circuits” and creates a sort of brain fog.  Our brain can not function under long term stress—even if it’s long term perceived stress.

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks I have STRUGGLED to get through the day.  Focus is out the window, emotions are heightened, sensitivity is on high, motivation is less than zero.  And then I read that article and it hit me: maybe I’m not lazy or overly sensitive—I’m just exhausted after enduring a long-term trauma.  And I’m exhausted from trying to cope with it.

My attention over the last few months has shifted from big ambitions and trying to please everyone to questioning why I am seeking approval and praise.  Seeking accolades and basing my worth on other people’s approval isn’t sustainable.  So I’ve been diving into doing the work, looking at how I got here, looking at where I want to go, and trying to close the distance by opening up to who I really am.

So through all of this, when you’re feeling foggy, when you’re feeling a little lost or you can’t think straight, pause. Connect.  Connect with yourself through your breath.  Connect with nature.  Anything to get you out of your head and into your body.  That connection will bring clarity and you can take the next right steps.  For now, I am honoring the exhaustion, I’m breathing deep, and I’m letting my mind slow down. It’s really challenging because I like to be productive—but I can’t live in a constant state of “doing” because I will always be looking for the next thing.  It’s better to pause and figure out what you really need than to keep pushing.  Being worn out and exhausted won’t get you any further than spinning circles—you may be moving but it’s not getting you anywhere.  So take the time to really listen and re-direct if needed.  Remember, you are not broken—your patterns are.  And those can be fixed with a little effort because the only reason the patterns are broken is because you are trying to cope in a broken system.  Keep going.       

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