Be Who You Are

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“Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be.  The measure of a person is how well they succeed at being who they are.” Endgame.  This stopped me in my tracks and nearly brought me to tears.  Watching a simple movie with my husband, one that I have seen before no less, reminded me of how simple this life is: accept who you are and be that.  Don’t let the outside noise influence our paths. 

I am guilty of complicating things nearly every day.  The habits are so well engrained that I fail to notice when the habits I’m working to eliminate rear themselves.  Slowly the habits we were so aware of begin to show themselves.  All we can do is remind ourselves to be present and bring our attention to what we want to be rather than what we have been trained to be.

So ask yourself if what you’re doing is getting you closer to your goal or if it is fulfilling what you’ve been told to do.  It’s as simple and as complex as that.  Being open enough to accept who you are is a lot of work but it always brings you where you need to be.  Acceptance always shows you your path.  Start small, but do it every day.  Every day remind yourself of your presence and take your space.  Learn to say yes when you want to and no when you want to. Treat this life as a gift and make of it what you will. 

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