A Little Motivation

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

It’s good to feel good—Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor.  We don’t often realize what the situation will look like on the other side, especially as we are going through it.  We all have periods of unrest, discomfort, uncertainty, even pain, confusion and defeat.  It’s incredibly difficult to move when you have the pile on you and you can’t see the way up.  It takes a lot to reorient yourself, but it can be done.  This is normal.  We have to learn to see this as our burial—which is planting.  In these situations, we are being planted for growth.  Beautiful things come from that. 

While the weight can feel immense, we are laying our foundation.  We need that foundation to be sturdy.  Remember that we are wild and that we are meant to build that for ourselves and we can trust that the decisions we are making are the right ones.  We are brought into alignment with what we are meant to when we follow our inner knowing.  We are meant to follow our own path and not what we are told to want. 

Lately I’ve had the overwhelming feeling of shedding layer after layer, finding an identity I always felt but was too afraid to share.  I’m tired of hearing that what I’ve done is enough and that I can’t do anymore.  The urge to perform, to be the exhausted worn out person, proving how hard I’ve worked to be deemed worthy—that narrative no longer serves.  It no longer interests me.  I’m not crazy and I don’t need this self-induced cage.  None of us do.  I need the wide open to create the paths I’m meant to blaze—we all do.        

We don’t need to settle for good enough, or to be grateful for the limits someone imposes upon us—I don’t want to settle.  I am not grateful for the scraps of existence people throw my way and being expected to call it a life.  I AM grateful to have the gift of life and the ability to make it my own.  I am grateful for creativity and the ability to share my gifts.  That is a gift we all have.  We are always going to be the villain in someone’s story—don’t be the villain in your own.  The world is tricky enough to navigate without adding our own negative inner asshole (as Jen Pastiloff calls it).  So just know that no one gets to qualify your dreams as worthy or good enough—they are for you to fulfill your purpose—it’s your job to see it through.  No one else’s.  Keep going.

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