Sunday/Monday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for such a beautiful weekend.  We have needed some time off, only to decompress.  This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and we accomplished a lot.  It was great to accomplish those things on our to-do list together. 

Today I am grateful for progress forward.  We took our house off the market a week ago and we have started making improvements to our current home already.  We’ve been painting and making the space fresh.  The ultimate goal is to find our forever home, but I am so grateful that we were able to take a stressful situation and work together for the bigger picture.

Today I am grateful to remind myself that I am capable.  We all go through funks every now and then and I’ve felt off lately.  It started as we were waiting to see if we were going to be selling our house or staying and now that we have decided to stay, I feel more settled.  But there are things we need to do around here regardless.  So as we are beginning our next adventures, I am seeing that I am able to follow through.  I am able to do things I haven’t done in over 20 years.  And I am happy.

Today I am grateful to release some energy.  It has been challenging to get out of my head and challenging to find the right actions to take.  So I’ve taken to making little decisions throughout the day rather than treating each decision as a life altering event.  If I need to rest, I rest.  I meal prep, I have been painting.  When I can’t paint, I prep by taping walls.  Anything to keep me moving forward.  And it feels good.  I know this is something I’ve mentioned frequently, but I genuinely need to remind myself of this all the time because I will fixate and paralyze myself if I’m not doing something.  And then I will sit there doing nothing—so the reminders help. Today I am grateful to develop beyond my comfort zone.  I’ve been spending time looking beyond what I have around me.  I’ve been reading books on different topics, a lot of memoirs.  So many of their stories have inspired me in the work that I want to share and offer on my own site.  A lot of the pieces I have read have inspired me to have the courage to share more of my own story.  It is only when we are brave in reaching beyond what we know that we learn.

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