Sunday Gratitude


Today I am grateful to have experienced such a beautiful day.  We were moving a ton today–lots of errands and cleaning and prep for the week.  It was absolutely perfect outside and i am so grateful to have been able to see the day and spend it with  my family.  Some shots from the day are above.

Today I am grateful to have made a decision regarding our move.  We have made the decision to take our house of the market.  Things were not coming together in a way that would have allowed us to move forward in all areas of our lives.  Not that we would have been suffering, but we would not have been thriving.  We made the decision to live beyond “just making it” for the sake of thinking that is what we had to do.

Today I am grateful to be taking decisive action.  Now that the house is off the market, we can work on projects we had wanted to do prior to trying to move.  We are able to change things in the house, fix up a few additional things we didn’t have time to complete, and we are also able to start working on some personal projects for our businesses now that we have freed up some additional savings by staying put.

Today I am grateful that things didn’t go how we planned.  There was a definitive redirection of our goal from a few months ago.  Life was on pause for the last three months because we weren’t able to move one way or the other until someone made a decision on our home.  Now that we made the decision for ourselves, we have these opportunities we were waiting for.  To my first point above, we shifted out of the pattern of what we should do and are able to see what we really need to do.

Today I am grateful to end the weekend on a relaxing note.  The last few weeks in particular have been so stressful and it has been taking a toll on my mind and body.  I’ve been more forgetful than usual, I’ve been angry, and I’ve been holding an insane amount of tension in my body.  Today we took the time to hang out together and to just have some fun.  And after that we did a lot of running around to pick up things for some upcoming projects. It was a busy day but far more relaxing than it has been.

Today I am grateful to prep for the week ahead and to be in the moment at the same time.  I try to meal prep as often as I can.  Food is really important to me and I am learning how to take care of myself by nourishing my body.  So, planning ahead means taking the time to carefully prepare what I’m going to need for the week.  I find it really soothing.  A few hours of work and I have everything I need to take care of myself every day.

Today I am grateful to let it all go.  The aggravation, the anger, the frustration, the impatience, the intolerance of any mistakes (especially on my part).  I am releasing it all and ready to start over.  It can take a lot for us to accept our humanness.  And being human means that we are going to make mistakes.  It means that life course-corrects itself often and that we are meant to be there with it.  I’m learning to distinguish between what I need to hold and what I no longer need to carry.  It is an ongoing lesson and one that I appreciate more and more with practice.

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