Creation, Ourselves

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I’ve realized how much power we have to steer the course of our life—and how much we need to claim that power.  Life is filled with moments beyond our control and life is filled with people who will try to take the reins.  Right now my work is in transition because the company is going through a buy-out. I’ve been there for a total of 15 years and it shows that there is nothing guaranteed, nothing stable.  The only way to have security is to create it for ourselves.

We need to boldly stand up and declare who we want to be and take active steps toward becoming that person.  We have so much power in this world—if we could focus it on becoming who we are meant to be rather than exerting power over others or taking their energy.

Investing the time on the things that are most important to us, on the things that help us fulfill our purpose, that is where our power is.  We can change the game in our lives simply by shifting our focus.  Many people tend not to believe this because they don’t see a change fast enough (I am guilty of that as well) but with patience you will see that the things that matter most to you develop with the more attention you give it.  The same is true for anything.  Where attention goes, energy flows.

Life is what we are meant to have.  It is meant to be filled with play, joy, and fulfillment.  It’s our job to find what brings us to those points and to help others get to that point as well.  Life is simple.  All the mess we see is of our own creation.

This is why clarity is so important.  We are in a dynamic relationship with the creation of the universe.  In order to build what we are meant to, we need to be what we are seeking.  To know what we are truly seeking we need to learn to get in touch with ourselves.  That is the work we do here.  We read, we see inspiration, we discuss, and we develop a life with gratitude that we are thrilled to have and live.

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