Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am in a profound state of gratitude.  I discuss my gratitude every Sunday, however, today I recognize with utmost faith and certainty that I am so blessed.  Perhaps it’s been the chaos of trying to buy and sell our home, maybe it’s a new appreciation of understanding what it means to go with the flow.  But today honestly feels like floating, perfectly enveloped in a state of contentment.  And I am content today—what I would consider at peace.

I am grateful for the beautiful connection I have with my son.  My husband went out last night so my son and I made popcorn and watched some shows on TV.  Then we read a book together and because he hadn’t napped during the day, he fell asleep so peacefully on his bed.  He woke up this morning in such a good mood and we got to shop, play, cook, and pick out arts and crafts together.  I will say it every time: these moments with my family are so incredibly important to me and I will never take them for granted.

I am grateful to witness the growth of my son.  He has become such a mature little boy and having conversations with him now blows me away every time.  His ability to express himself and share his views and opinions makes me so proud and I love seeing his development as he turns into a “big kid.”  There are days it’s a challenge because he has his own ideas, often contrary to my own plans, but it’s a gift because he is one of the most sensitive and expressive little boys and hearing him say things like, “Mommy, we always love each other” just melts my heart every time.

I am grateful for time to work on my projects.  I woke up really early today and was able to knock out a big chunk of work that was still fresh in my mind.  I try to get a little bit of work done every day and a lot of the time I feel like I’m pushing it, like it just isn’t the quality I want or what I’m really trying to say.  Today it was a short time, but it was valuable time and productive time.  It made all the difference.

I am grateful for the universe’s cosmic humor.  We’ve been fairly stagnant with selling the house so my husband and I were already talking about different options we had as far as moving forward.  As soon as we decided what our next steps were going to be (which were not what we originally had planned) we started getting inquiries on the house.  Maybe we had to demonstrate we truly were flexible in the outcome in order for there to be fresh movement.  So there you have it…just when you think it’s going one way, the universe responds entirely differently.

I am grateful to recognize my humanity.  I started reading a new book last night (more to come on that) and honestly within the first 34 pages it gave me an anxiety attack. But as I began to work through it, I realized what a gift this life is.  We all have profoundly different experiences but what underlies all of those experiences is that we ARE all human.  No one is perfect and one of my downfalls is that I so easily fall into perfectionism—so reading this book was a great reminder to calm down and go with the flow.  Accept where I am to get where I want to be.  Something I talk about a lot but clearly needed a reminder to practice.

I am grateful to embrace this moment, sharing this message.  I love this journey and I love the steps I am taking to fulfill my purpose.  I am grateful to be able to do that.  We all have reasons to remember to be grateful.  Take some time to relish in it.  You deserve it.

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