Sunday Gratitude

dragonfly perched on human finger in closeup photography

Photo by Min An on

Today I am grateful for exercise.  We took the dogs for a walk today then went on a short bike ride.  My husband was awesome enough to give me some free time to continue the bike ride on my own.  I drove for miles feeling the sun and the wind as I drove and it was amazing.  My body felt amazing and energized in a way I haven’t for the last few weeks.

Today I am grateful for friendship.  I was able to see a friend of mine on Friday whom I hadn’t seen since February.  This was the first time in years that we had been alone together.  It was so nice to have some time to ourselves to reconnect.  I was even happier that we found ourselves in the same place mentally and we had an amazing conversation.  Honestly it felt like the beginning of something.  Regardless, the time we got to spend together made me feel more grounded than I have been in years.

Today I am grateful for entertainment.  I was able to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton this weekend and I fell in love.  I haven’t been to the theater in years so reconnecting with that reawakened my love for that type of art.  Plus it felt good to take a night off and watch something that I really enjoyed.  It was also nice to have a little refresher of history and watch something other than complete junk or social media.

Today I am grateful for resources.  I’ve been working on my writing and I’ve been wanting to get a few books to help me on a few issues I’m discussing.  They are sold out in most book stores and they are sold out on Amazon so I was just going to wait, not a big deal.  I was at Wal-Mart of all places and they had all three of the books I’ve been wanting to get.  I grabbed them for cheaper than I would have elsewhere so I saved money and I have the material I need.

Today I am grateful for the ability to food prep.  I’ve shared this before but it is worth sharing again.  I feel so fortunate that I am able to get the supplies for the recipes I want to try.  I’m slowly transitioning to a healthier diet so I am really grateful that I’m able to find healthy, quality products for a reasonable price.  Plus I love how much time it saves me in prep in the morning.

Today I am grateful for being on the same team with my husband.  We have been together for 19 years and it has taken a lot for us to come to an agreement on a lot of things.  Lately we have been working toward the same goals and it has made such a difference in our relationship.  It has taken compromise and communication on both of our parts and it is different than before.  It feels much easier and flows so much better.

Today I am grateful to do the things that give me peace.  I am working on transitioning my lifestyle to one that is filled with more ease and productivity.  I know in my heart these things are possible and I know that is what I am meant to share with people.

Today I am grateful for signs.  I’ve been seeing a ton of dragonflies lately.  Today I saw upwards of 2 dozen of them.  I also saw some butterflies and I also saw a feather outside of my house.  All of these signs point toward discovering and following the right path.  It’s the little things we need sometimes to remind us that all we have to do is listen to our instincts and just keep going.

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