Concluding Nonsense

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We have come full circle in the crazy events at work.  The woman never brought up any issues with me to HR, she kept it to the previous issues she had.  The events at work over the last week have shown me how important self-love and self-confidence are.  It is easy to be swayed by other people or to lose your step when other people question your abilities.  When you are firm in your choices and your authenticity, it is easier to let opinions go.

No matter what we preach or how hard we practice there is always room for improvement with practice.  So how am I loving myself today?  I took a day to work from home rather than go in.  I woke up and stretched and did some exercises for my low back.  I drank extra water today.  I spent time cleaning up and clearing things out.  I spent time creating.  And I spent time working on affirmations to reinforce that I am on the right path and to help ease anxiety.  I used some affirmations to touch base that I am connected with guidance and that I am protected and well.  I am loving myself by believing in myself and taking steps to move forward.

Having confidence and self-love is about connection as well.  How do we need to stay connected at this point?  With clarity, with faith, and with work.  Taking action by taking the time to make clear decisions based on who we are is where you align.  And our work can’t just be busy work, it has to be meaningful work.  That is the kind of work you find when you align in faith with your purpose.  I’ve learned that I don’t always need to move as fast as I think I do.  Things tend to unfold just as they were meant to be.  There is no need to push.  I also find clarity through gratitude.  Believing all is ok, I am well and protected, and that I am following the path I am meant to.  That belief helps us find what we are passionate about—and ultimately our purpose.

What am I passionate about?  Liz Gilbert talks about the difficulty with finding passion and believes that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to find a driving force.  Even if we find something that excites us, that is still an external focus.  So she suggests asking what we are curious about.  When we reframe that question, you will find that you have a lot more answers and you can peel back the layers to find what motivates you.  It’s easier to state, “I am curious about language” or “Wouldn’t it be cool to learn a new language” that it is to say I want to unite different countries by spreading education about communication.  This puts you in a place to learn something new and to develop tools and interests that may end up being what drives you.

So many people who are multi-passionate are either labeled as flighty or too _______ (insert adjective here: intense, emotional, “much”).  They called me too serious—but had no problem coming to me if they needed something from me when things went to hell.  I can absolutely admit that I am serious—but I no longer will consider that a flaw.  I take my pursuits seriously and passionately and with devotion.  I don’t regret how “big” I feel when it comes to things I care about.  I love hard.  I cry hard.  I laugh hard.  I defend hard.  I feel what I feel.  I am bothered by unaffected people but I admire those with emotional self-control.  I’d love to not wear my heart on my sleeve but it is an asset.  The truth is I downplayed my feelings for a long time and was still considered too much—but I felt everything and had no outlet.  I know now that I want to feel.  I want to feel the excitement and I want to feel it all the way to my bones.  I refuse to let people turn one of my biggest assets into a weakness.

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