Claiming Authenticity

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“The Universe has big plans for me.  It’s time to claim them.” Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor deck.  After the incident with my coworker’s employee, this message resonated closely.  It is not for any of us to play small.  The truth is this life is a gift.  I am blessed.  And my gratitude made me think about this incident more deeply.

My style of leadership is really collaborative and open but I also have firm boundaries and I am highly communicative.  Sometimes that communication is my downfall–I have overshared before.  After this woman called into question my methods for running this department I started feeling like a weak leader.  I know logically that my style and my accomplishments haven’t been raised as an issue with my boss but I still asked what I did wrong—about a woman I HAD NEVER MET BEFORE.  It hit me that the only mistake I have made as a leader is to not stand behind my actions and not have the confidence that I needed to trust that some people are just not going to be satisfied.  Once I drew that card this morning, I knew I had to redirect.

I will not allow myself to spiral for the sake of a person I have never met.  I can not let someone have that much power over me.  I will make my choices and I will stand firm when I am the subject matter expert in an area.  People are allowed to have their opinions—that doesn’t mean I need to change my operation for people who are not impacted by what I do.

Clearly something in me, something about me, triggers people.  GOOD.  I finally understand that I don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea.  I’m not going to give up my shot to play nice with people who have no intention of hearing what I’m really saying.  So it is time to accept what I am meant to do and take responsibility for my gifts.  No one can keep that from me anymore, not even myself.

There are some affirmations that go along with owning your authenticity.  I will step into my power and use it to share my gifts with the world.  I will not yield until I unearth all of the amazing things in me.  The way we speak to ourselves matter—choose your words wisely.  Don’t stand in the direction someone has blindly place you.  Go where you are called.

-You will be too much for some. Those aren’t your people.-

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