Anxiety in Shifting Times

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“Anxiety is sort of the opposite of ego.  You’re so sure you’ll do everything wrong you’re afraid to do anything at all.  Often this, rather than laziness is the real reason you find it hard to get started” – Robert Pirsig.

We’ve all been feeling a little anxious lately.  The world is upheaval and so many still seem to be missing the point of the message: it is time to unify, forget about the system and remember our shared humanity.  Simply put: it is time to reprioritize.

That is where the quote above struck me.  There is so much I want to do but I’m not sure of my ability to see it through so I’ve sat by when I could be doing something.  Then I see how quickly things are changing and I get the fear of missing out—like I should have been doing more.  I know I’m also giving into distraction way too easily.  I’m not doing enough to remove those distractions.  At the same time I’m really emotional.

When emotions and distraction are involved we are not clear.  I certainly know that I’m not thinking at my peak right now.  That alone is enough to cause anxiety.  We are trying to make decisions quickly and from a place we have never been before.  There is no way to know what the outcome will be from the decisions we make today.

So many people are reacting on a hair trigger.  I actually get it because we are all so emotionally charged.  We feel the anger at the lack of support from this system we have created but we aren’t quite sure what the future will look like.  There are amazing things happening but there is still so much work to do.  There are laws being passed, there are community changes being made but we still face this pandemic.  This limbo we are in, where things are moving forward but not quite resolved, is incredibly trying.  But no matter what level of discomfort we are going through or what emotions we may have about it, the world needs this change.

So here is what I’m doing:

I’m giving in. I am accepting.  I am taking what is in front of me in this moment and I am going to work with it.  I will not make excuses for why things didn’t get done.

I’m giving up.  I am letting go of my idea of what I think should be happening right now.  I am redefining my goal about what the outcome needs to be.

I’m taking responsibility.  I am going to focus on what I need to and I am going to act within my power.  I am going to focus on my part and work on the things that I need to. If I want a certain outcome, I have to do the work.

I’m clearing.  I am getting rid of what no longer serves.  Everything from emotional baggage to physical clutter; from expectations of others to clothes that don’t fit.

I’m clarifying.  I am eliminating the distractions I’ve allowed to become habit and I am going to put my energy where it needs to be.  Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”  So that is what is next: engaging.

I’m practicing.  I will try and try until I get where I am meant to be.  I won’t let one strike take me out of the game.  I will be grateful for what I know now and for what I learn tomorrow.  I will be grateful for the tools I have and for what I can make with them.

I’m still going.  I have learned that my comfort zone isn’t enough anymore.  Just when I think that the lesson is complete, there is more.  There is always more to do or learn.  That is true for all of us: Don’t stop where you think your limitations are.  Destroy those limitations and keep going.

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