Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am so grateful for technology.  Given the current climate affecting all of us, we were not able to physically be with family today to celebrate Easter.  Instead we spent a beautiful early afternoon having a virtual family meeting.  There was just something about being able to see my family and to speak with everyone that helped even though we weren’t together.

Today I am grateful for progress.  There has been a lot of talk about not using this time to force progress or productivity—which I whole heartedly agree with.  But I have seen this time as an opportunity to get things done, both personally and professionally.  It has been a time for me to rewrite some goals and to redefine what I want to do.  It has been time to develop clarity in my life.

Today I am grateful to allow.  I have struggled a lot with letting go because I struggle with control issues which are a result of trust issues.  I’m learning to stand up for what is right for me without worrying about what is right for one particular person or an organization.  I am learning to not be guilted into action.  I am allowing myself to move from a place of what feels right.

Today I am grateful for common ground.  In this new normal, for lack of a better term, I am learning that we are all trying to maintain the equilibrium of what we knew before.  The problem with that is we can’t continue to operate from the place we knew because this is not that.  And the common ground that I found today was that we are all disoriented.  We are all adapting to something unprecedented.  We are all emotional about it on some level.  And we all have issues we are trying to heal.  For some of us it is around trust and knowing that we will be able to provide for our families.  For others it is about adapting their business and functioning differently.  But either way, we are all trying to adapt to something.  We are all working through something.

Today I am grateful for change.  In spite of the things we are struggling to learn, I am grateful that this time is exposing new ways of doing things.  We have such an opportunity here to make an impact on people and their lives as well as on the world.  In spite of how horrible this situation is, we have an opportunity to make the world better.  In spite of how scary those changes may be, the reality is that they are very small changes and it could be much easier than we think to create a sustainable way of life for everyone.

Today I am grateful for the shift in outlook.  Hand in hand with change, there has been a shift in how we look at the world.  We have a new understanding of our roles and our position in the world.  We have a new understanding of our impact and what our capabilities really are.  We have a new understanding of what we need to look at for the future.  I have confidence that we are working toward new things that will benefit us beyond profit.

Today I am grateful for music.  I started my day today dancing like crazy around the house.  I’ve been good about getting my body moving the last couple of weeks—and it has felt AMAZING—so it was a fun new way to get the day started.  The power of music is something that has always moved me and I have always been appreciative of.  I was even more appreciative of it today because I knew I was going to be separated from the rest of my family today and starting the day with something uplifting that also got me moving was great.

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