Ready or Not, the Time is Now

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I’ve stopped and started a million times, always believing I needed the “right time” or the “right thing” to say.  I’ve felt that I wasn’t qualified enough to share my views.  I let all of those feelings hold me back.  If we allow ourselves to be really honest, we can all account for at least once in our lives when we let a feeling dictate our actions.

Whenever we feel ourselves pulled by an emotion rather than a place of driving action, that is when we have an opportunity to slow down and determine where we want to go.  In making any decisions in our lives, we have to learn to cut out the extraneous and learn to trust ourselves.  Trust is a delicate thing, even when we are speaking in the context of trusting ourselves.  Think about how much energy we focus on our mistakes as opposed to our successes.

In The Judgement Detox Gabby Bernstein talks about our habit of judging things and she raises an important point:  When we judge, we do so because we are separated from love.  When we are connected to love we have no need to judge ourselves or others.  That separation from love also leads to mistrust in our own abilities.  When we judge ourselves as incapable, that is a lack of trust in ourselves.  We begin to form a habit of using defense mechanisms and we throw judgements around rather than taking the time to connect back to source.  When we are disconnected from source, it is difficult to trust that we will know the right action to take.  When we find that connection again, that is when we learn to believe in ourselves.

When we find that trust again, we know that we can take action without permission.  This means we can act before we are ready.  We can take up the space we need.  We can learn new skills.  We can develop new relationships that bring us right where we are meant to be.  Sometimes taking steps that don’t make sense are exactly what we have to do.  That is a profound act of trust in source as well as within ourselves.  And honestly, life is too short to believe that we have to qualify doing what we are called to do.

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