Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful to be able to continue to share these posts.  There is still so much we can do in spite of the limitations we are facing right now.  It doesn’t matter.  This is a chance to break out the creative flow and try new things.  And really, so much is still normal, we are truly blessed.

Today I am grateful to have a healthy day.  I had been ill most of this week and for the first time since Tuesday, I feel relatively normal.  I didn’t feel the need to sit on the couch all day and I was able to accomplish some work around the house.

Today I am grateful to have so much time with my son.  We have been together almost non-stop the last four days because I was home ill and then he started to get sick as well.  We have read books, we have colored, we have watched movies and shows together, we have played with the animals, we have snuggled and napped—and it was all beautiful, peaceful, and restful—and joyful.

Today I am grateful that we were able to function relatively status quo.  It means we are fortunate enough to be able to do our part without any major inconvenience.  I am happy to play my role in this.

Today I am grateful to understand what we need to be grateful for.  I always try to find things to help me look on the bright side.  I am not perfect, I still lose my way often and I lose it spectacularly in many cases.  But I try my hardest to always be a source of light and if I can’t do that, then I try to be a source of reason.  The middle way is important, and in this scenario, it is important to focus on the why behind what is happening.  There are things we may not get answers to in this situation because this is new to all of us.  But to be able to do something so insignificant as to cancel a gathering or to help your neighbors by picking up some food for them is truly the most significant thing we can do.  We are reconnecting to our humanity.

Today I am grateful for the chance to have the time to reevaluate some goals.  I’ve been full steam ahead with some projects for a while now and I was struggling with many of them.  I wasn’t sure which direction to go with a couple, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the end result to look like for many of them, and I found myself in a state of pushing myself just to get it done with the biggest ones.  In short, the steam was running out and I was about to give up on a lot of the goals I had set for myself.  With the general slow down of a lot of other things happening right now, I found myself better able to fall in line.  I HAD to slow down.  The projects that I’m working on are supposed to be long term—these are not things I should be forcing myself to get done as quickly as possible.  These are lifestyle changes, these are commitments I am trying to bring to the world, these are the essence of who I am.  There is no finish line for goals like that.  So I’m taking a different approach.  This isn’t about an assignment that’s due.  This is about being faithful to a goal that is important to me because it’s where I want to be.  It’s about being comfortable in the moment and learning the lessons that go with it.  It’s about the foundation—I can’t rush that.

Today I am grateful to reclaim space.  I was able to get a lot of cleaning done yesterday, especially as I was feeling better, and I have my office/library back.  I have spent the last several months trying to work in the living room with my family and I didn’t realize just how distracting it was.  I feel like I have a little slice of my house just for me, now, and it feels so cozy and warm and it’s exactly what I wanted it to be.  Finding my own little center is exactly what I needed to build my foundation.

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