What Are You Asking For?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I read a quote the other day that said, “The universe doesn’t disagree with you, so what exactly are you asking for?”  I love this idea almost as much as I hate it–but the accountability implied in it is so empowering.  For example, I had a moment of self pity the other day when I hit a series of red lights– absolutely ridiculous and childish, I know.  But here is where it got my wheels turning.  During the course of that morning, I will admit that I had been feeling particularly negative, so by the time I left in really crappy weather, I was not any better.  Regardless, as I was driving, I distinctly remember thinking, “I bet today I’m even going to hit that light” meaning that I would be stopped at a light I normally get the green for.  Sure as hell, as soon as I approach that light it’s red.  And then the light after.  And after. And after.  By then it felt like a cosmic joke because that series runs through downtown and they are normally all a go at the time I leave—so I really got chaffed at that point.  I screamed, “Why is it so easy to manifest all the bad shit?  Why does the bad shit have no issue coming through?!”  Ah ha.  Why indeed?

This is all on me.  I quite literally called those lights into existence (in addition to the universe probably telling me to slow down) and then I got angry about it.  Truthfully I was angry that the good things I want haven’t come through nearly that easily.  And it hit me that it was about mindset.  How much do I really believe that the good things can happen—and do I really believe that they can happen that easily?  And I thought to myself, no I really don’t think the good comes that easily.  But why?  I have seen many people in my family working very hard toward what they want in life and they have been successful.  I know it’s possible.  But the key to that is how hard they worked—and it stands to reason that the manifestation of ones dreams takes infinitely more work that something negative.

Now, I want to be clear that I understand the value and importance of work but I have seen people work themselves to the brink of insanity and still barely get by.  Whether it was their own business or for someone else, there was always a piece of them that appeared to never shut off.  Is it a societal thing?  That we value the appearance of being busy all the time over productivity?  Perhaps.  What is the point of working that hard for so little return?  I personally find it better to work smarter and not harder but those returns are also risky.  When it comes time to put in the work, I think, in my case, I still have engrained fears about what people will think and that it’s necessary for things to be just right before I present them.  But that energy says to the universe that I am not ready to receive the full scope of my dreams until things are also just right.

Learning to let go and to take in what IS allows us to be clear and to adjust as needed.  It is incredibly rare that someone hits a homerun the first time out so I think it’s safe to let go of the notion that things need to be all figured out or all perfect before you are “allowed” to take a shot.  There are inherent risks no matter what stage you jump in, but if you never take the shot then your result will always be the same: nothing.  It is in the open state of learning that we learn to not be attached to the result of our effort and to view it as something we are learning.  Being in a state of learning keeps us open to receiving—and that is when the universe goes into overdrive.

Learn what you can, all you can, whenever you can and apply it in a way unique to you.  That is where the magic is.  That is where the divine flow is.  It is a state of being—neither perfect or imperfect but it just is.  Focus on those moments and you will get much further one step at a time rather than trying to make a perfect whole from the get go.  You don’t go into the kitchen and come out with a cake without breaking the eggs first.  So do the work.  Take the steps.  And manifest wisely—no pressure, just let it happen.  And even if it doesn’t look how you thought it should, trust that it’s what is meant to be.  On those days you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for, ask what you’re asking for and how you’re doing it.  Readjust and see what happens.  Right thought, right action, release the rest.

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