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At this moment you have a chance to make a choice that creates change.  This came from the Law of Attraction, Vibe of the Day and I started thinking about choice in general.  I started pondering why we change, why we don’t.  Why we stick where we know we will be stuck.  Why we fight the inconsequential like the defense of our ego but not the defense of another person.  Why the struggle for power over assuming shared responsibility to make a better outcome for all.  In the cosmic sense of things we look at the small picture, seeking to deal with the emotional implications of the situation in front of us rather than the root of the issue.  We don’t think big enough, meanwhile, we micromanage our days because we seek to control in place of purpose.

I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed by purpose so many people give up prior to pursuing it.  But simply, purpose is connection.  It is alignment, natural and fluid. It is not forced.  We are so attached to outcomes because we fear the unknown.  So we fight to control—everything.  We think if we take control of all of the steps and people we encounter in between the start and finish that we know how something will look and feel.  I want to be clear that I am INCREDIBLY guilty of this—I could have written the book on control issues.  But bringing awareness to the behavior is key.  Understanding why you want to control is huge.  There is a fear somewhere inside that won’t let you rest so it comforts us to think we have control—but that is an illusion.

Quite simply, there are a million better ways to spend the energy devoted to controlling things.  Put it toward self-discovery. Goals. Ideas. We can’t get to where we want to be without putting in the work that will get us there.  Wallowing over the minor details won’t get you there any faster so make sure you’re focusing on aligning rather than dictating what happens.  Like an archer, aim true and let go so to speak.

It’s uncomfortable to let go of control because it’s scary.  The only constant in life aside from everything changing is that we will never be able to dictate the outcome no matter how many variables we try to control.  That alone helped me step forward.  Some other things were starting small.  Start with what feels right.  Start with curiosity if you have to—see how the things you’re interested in all link.  Start with intention.  Let it all develop and evolve into the masterpiece you’re creating.  Above all else, no matter what, no matter how unsure or fearful you may be, LISTEN TO THAT CALL.  Hear the yearning of your soul.  Pay attention to the things that quicken your pulse.  THAT is the direction you must go.

In spite of anything you feel you should do, follow what you are called to do.  Anything less will deplete your energy and drain your soul.  You will live a half-life, never fully awake and with only your toe in the water.  For the love of yourself, when you hear something screaming, “This is it!” go do that.

Make the choice to drop the fear and live your authentic self.  Follow your calling and share your gifts because at the end of the day that is what will make you come alive.  Own the power of responsibility that comes when you dive all the way in.  Own the power that comes with belief.  Belief in your abilities.  Belief in the purpose of your actions.  Make the choice to drop the weight of every half-hearted decision and to live with eyes wide open, making one aligned choice at a time.

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