Small Wins Make Big Results

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I think it’s important from time to time to take a moment and observe.  No pushing, no desiring the next level, no desperate actions.  Just being where you are.  Just looking at where you’re at and acknowledging the accomplishments you’ve made.  Recognize that you are where you need to be because you’ve already made it this far.  It’s ok to enjoy the pause and to celebrate where you’re at.  When you can acknowledge your successes it opens the door for more.  Plus it gives you time to regroup and prepare for the next level without hustling for it.

It’s important to remember that this is how it begins: small.  Innocuous, even.  One breath at a time.  But it begins and we are moved from the before to the after.  One day we are working to make it and then we have made it.  We are changed, we are no longer what we were before.  We are no longer who we were in the before.  We often don’t realize they are happening.  It’s a subtle shift.  What was once tolerable no longer is.  What was funny no longer is.  What used to appeal and the things we wanted no longer seems important.  We grow, and we act according to this new information.  Don’t limit yourself to the confines of what your fears tell you.

Believe in the possibilities because there is real magic in the world.  We can reawaken it.  We show that belief by showing appreciation in the steps along the way.  I’ve spoken before about how we have been trained to only celebrate the big wins, or the overall win.  That mentality diminishes the work we do along the way.  It undermines the small victories.  We have every right to celebrate the steps we take toward our goals because there are people who are afraid to even honor what they really feel let alone take a single step toward what they want.  In a society that trains us to deny what we want, this toxic trait is making people cynical toward themselves.  If we expect to feel any sense of happiness we can’t wait for one moment, one grand goal to bring that to us—every step counts.

For me, I want people to see the beauty in the little things.  The simple things can often mean the most.  Honestly, when I started looking at what I had accomplished it gave me a boost to continue working on the things I wanted.  It gave me the confidence to continue working toward my goals.  I’m talking about everything from being grateful to breathe, to having clothes, to doing something fun that day, to doing whatever little thing it may be that you enjoy—and being in that moment.

There are a lot of moments in life that we gloss over as unimportant.  But when we stop and look at how lucky we are, how blessed we are, you understand that each moment is a gift, not just the end result.  No matter what it is, there is something to be grateful for.  Take the time to find that in every day, celebrate this life because that is where the joy is.  We have to create it—so create it as beautifully as you can.  Start where you are—that’s all you need to do.

3 thoughts on “Small Wins Make Big Results

  1. Good post… Slow progress is definitely better than no progress and always good to reflect on how far you’ve come instead of focusing on how far you still got to go.


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