Reasons to Take That Chance

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“Go ahead, you never know what can be on the other side”  Life is too short and there are too many options for us to constantly play it safe.  There is no reason to not go after what it is we want most in the world.  90% of the fears we feel we were taught or are in our own head so it stands to reason that if our own limitations are what stops us then we need to learn to get beyond those limits.  Nansia Movidi says, “Be true to yourself and watch how captivating life really is.  How beautifully everything aligns just for you.”  I truly believe that when we find what we are meant to do that authenticity radiates to the universe and shows us the next step.  We wouldn’t be given the idea to pursue an action if we weren’t capable.  Step out of your own way and see what happens.

Speaking from experience, I can say that everything changes once you take a chance on yourself.  All it took for me to garner some confidence was actually seeing my dream through and pushing the “publish” button on my first post.  I did it with minimal knowledge of how to maintain a blog or even the direction it would be going in but I still did it. The point is to take that action whether you are an expert or a novice.  You learn a ton from taking that first chance.  There is a huge stigma about being our own cheerleaders as if it is something to be ashamed of.  Like we aren’t allowed to take action until we have approval that we are good enough.  Trust me, most of those who are pointing critical fingers your way are those who didn’t take a chance on themselves.

You don’t need permission to do something you love.  No one has the right to tell you what is good enough or what you should be doing.  And quite frankly, we only get one ticket on this ride so make it count and take the chance you want to experience what you want to experience.  There isn’t a right time or place, there is only what we have in front of us and where we are at.  We can either work with that and take the steps to get where we want to be or we can stagnate.  I believe we are meant to experience magic while we are here and we have lost sight of that because we are taught to see value in things, not experiences.  The fact that we are here at all is magic and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

People so often regret the things they didn’t do while they had the chance so don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s ok.  You are here right now and you can make it happen and the right people will always find you to help your dreams along the way.  Don’t think that you need to wait for everything to be perfect before you try something new.

This life is a gift.  Don’t waste it being part of a broken machine.  Take the time to get honest with yourself and see what ignites you.  Once you see that little spark inside, there is no going back.  Life on the other side of what you fear is a whole new ballgame.  The opportunities we see when we let go of what we think has to happen are far greater than what we contrive in our minds.  We can always add value to where we are by being who we are meant to be.  Don’t ever think that what you do isn’t a gift or isn’t needed.  There are always people who need your input and the message you deliver speaks to them.

So, be the flame, be the instigator, ignite your life and let your spark shine.  Don’t be afraid of what other people say because if they think you’re too bright, they aren’t meant for you.  Take your time and don’t let anyone hold you back.  Be authentic.  Be real.  Just be who you are meant to be without fear, shame, or concern for whether or not it is the right thing.  You can’t go wrong when you are authentic and of service to those around you.

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