Change of Plans

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I had a post prepared and ready to go for tonight but I realized that I needed to do something different.  Today was an incredibly challenging day.  Short version is that it started with feeling just slightly off—a little out of alignment.  Nothing that couldn’t be fixed and I didn’t let it weigh me down in the slightest.  As the day progressed, a series of events unfolded that I couldn’t make up if I tried.  I felt myself giving in and ready to wallow in it.  I even started asking what on Earth I do that attracts this kind of stuff.  Then it hit me:  I give into it.  Even though I maintained my cool through the first 10 crises, I couldn’t keep a brave face after that and I started to speak negatively, “knowing” more bad things were coming.  So they did.  It truly took me until now to see that.  In the spirit of ending this day on a positive note, I believe that some gratitude is needed.

Today I am grateful to breathe.  In spite of all the complaining and frustration today, I have air in my lungs and I have a functioning body.  I still have the opportunity to turn things around and create a life I love.

Today I am grateful for my friend’s happiness.  A good friend of mine received some amazing news that she shared with me today.  Hearing how happy she is made me feel amazing for her and so grateful that she chose to share this news with me.  Even with all the icky-ness in the world, there is still a lot of room for good things.

Today I am grateful for my husband.  Even though he couldn’t help me solve the issues that arose throughout the day, he still helped me in his own way.  He made food for me and took care of our son while I decompressed and took a shower.  It didn’t change anything that happened, but it gave me enough time to take the edge off.

Today I am grateful for my son.  Parenting is challenging—my word it is SOOOO challenging.  But that little human is a heart-weasel and he makes me laugh (probably at things I shouldn’t find funny) and he knows how to have fun.  He knows how to show love.  His little hugs are the biggest source of warmth, love, and kindness I know and I am lucky to have that.

Today I am grateful for divine intervention.  With all of the “no” that happened today, with all of the challenges, this is an opportunity for me to look at this as a redirection.  Clearly the path I was going down was not right for whatever reason.  I know I did my best and I worked from a place of the highest good for all.  This is, perhaps, an opportunity to focus on the areas that I’ve struggled with all along and approach this from a new angle.  An opportunity to work on the areas that I still need to develop as a leader.

Today, more specifically tonight, I am grateful to have the chance to start again-now.  I will keep breathing, I will keep gratitude at the forefront of my mind, and I will keep moving forward.  I will work toward my goals and not let the setbacks get to me.  I will not take other people’s insecurities personally.  I will take the lesson and turn it around.  I will let go and let the rest fall where it needs to, and I will begin again.

Tonight I am grateful for rest.  I’m taking the rest of the evening to put everything aside and get clear with myself.  I am going to spend time with my son and then I am going to read.  Maybe cap the night off with some junk T.V.  After that I am going to sleep and let it all go away.  The day is done—I am not.  😊

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