Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for the pause.  It has been a particularly busy week and I feel blessed today to have some fun.  The family and I were able to go to a fishing expo and walk around doing something we normally don’t do: look at boats, meet with some local fishers, and explore some options for future things we might like to do together as a family.

Today I am grateful for trying new things, specifically new recipes.  I’ve been incredibly focused on trying to prepare healthy recipes for myself for the week and today I got to put together a beautiful tofu stir fry.  I have bigger health goals in mind but it makes me feel good to be maintaining this first one because I’m working on re-wiring my brain to eat healthier foods consistently.  The little things, like the hour or so it takes to meal prep makes all the difference.  It also feels good because the meals have been turning out really well 😊

Today I am grateful for different perspectives.  I got to listen to one of the people from a local group my husband follows and it was pretty cool to hear as well as see the results of a team that works together on a project that yields results.  Not that I didn’t have an ideal team built in my mind previously, but it’s still cool to see how different teams pull together based on what they are trying to achieve.

Today I am grateful to open up to possibilities.  As a rigid person who is content with set routines, it’s challenging for me to sway too far from the norm.  Seeing the group I mentioned above, however, was a close-to-home demonstration of how it’s really done.  It also gave me a goal of working on a project with my husband that isn’t necessarily related to the house or bills but on something creative we build together. Seeing how the natural progression of any goal sways and dips and picks up is a reminder that life is always in flux so there’s not a set way to achieve a goal.

Today I am grateful for the reminder to live within my means.  There is no need to continually strive for things upon things because that takes away from the bigger goal.  When all we focus on is getting the next thing, we lose sight of the goal because the goal becomes about getting things.  At this stage in my life I want something more meaningful than the acquisition of crap we will ultimately have to get rid of.

Today I am grateful for simplifying.  When it comes to living within our means, recognizing what you can do with what you have right now is a valuable tool.  We truly don’t need as much as we think we do and the space created from getting rid of all the clutter is even more valuable.  As life ebbs and flows, there is a need to leave room to move with those shifts.  Prioritizing what is useful and what is extraneous and eliminating the excess is a release.  I always wanted to be prepared for any event but I see now that when the need arises, there is usually a way that presents itself, so there’s no need to clutter up with things that may only be needed some day.

Today I am grateful for small breakthroughs.  I’ve been working so hard on changing the basics of my life while maintaining what I’m doing and it’s been a challenge because it’s like living straddling two lanes.  I’ve finally reached the point where I can’t stretch any longer and I actually feel ok with it.  It’s the realization that to make the change I have to fully commit and just start doing what I know I need to do—make the change and stick with it.  It’s so easy to say we have to do things but we always take some comfort knowing we can always revert back to our old ways.  In order to get any real advance, we have to commit and not let ourselves slip because every action, decision, or non-decision is a choice toward a new life or repeating the old.  I want to embrace the new so I have to do that.  It means letting it all go and not worrying that it was the wrong choice.

Today I am grateful for the basics.  We really have everything we need—a home, clothes, food, and water.  The rest is just gravy and I am incredibly grateful that we are able to do that.  It feels good knowing I don’t have to search for something more or try to fill up with more junk.  I can let go of the distraction of trying to get that last thing that will mean I, we, made it.  I can enjoy it and just feel satisfaction.  Yes, I still have goals of making our lives more comfortable but I am in a position where we can actively start doing that and it is a privilege.

Today I am also grateful for the coziness of being inside.  It has turned into an extremely chilly and gloomy day so it’s comforting to be inside and cuddled up with a couple of cats while I’m working on this.

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