Sunday Gratitude


I awoke this morning feeling a little rushed.  There was a gorgeous sunrise that I wanted to get pictures of, the dog needed to go out, the cats needed to be fed, I knew my son would be waking up soon…a normal morning in all honesty.  But I felt the creative urge pulling at me and I knew I needed to get out and walk to get the pictures that I wanted.  So I took the dog out, fed the cats, grabbed the camera and LEFT! I didn’t care that I left my husband with our son—they were in bed anyway—I didn’t feel guilty about the million things that need to be done around the house including laundry, meal prep, organizing toys, clearing off the junk on the table, finishing cleaning the garage, showering, and a baptism for good measure.  I listened, I walked, and I got the photos I needed.  And I felt good.

After I got back from my walk, the card I pulled from the Super Attractor deck was “When I make joy a priority, brilliant ideas will come naturally, support will surround me, and movements will form.”  The truth is I have never felt more connected to what I want to do with my life than in the moments when I am taking action on what I want to do.  This isn’t a revelatory statement, I know, but it is a nice reminder that sometimes we have to let our creativity free and just do what feels right in the moment and not worry about the future.  It is in those moments when we are connected with source and we are fulfilling our purpose.  We are so trained to do what we are “supposed” to do that it can feel uncomfortable honoring what we want.  But the latter is infinitely more rewarding.

Today I am grateful for listening to my gut and honoring what my heart wanted to do this morning.  I easily could have fallen into the usual pattern of jumping into the things I needed to do, but I knew I needed some time to turn off the “gotta do” brain and just do what I wanted to.

Today I am grateful for taking action toward building a future that I want.  Making peace with what I know I am meant to do and doing what I need to do feels like the next step.  Often when we are in transition it is easier to take the path of least resistance and repeat old patterns.  It takes a strong will to stick with what you know is right for you in spite of what people tell you, you should be do.

Today I am grateful for gorgeous sunrises.  Seeing those colors light up the sky is a nice reminder of both how small we are and how it’s important to let our inner light shine too.

Today I am grateful for continued synchronicity.  The simple reminder to make joy a priority after I had already made that decision is truthfully the only validation I am looking for.  The universe saying, “You’ve got this.  Take it one step at a time.  Go with what feels right.”

Today I am grateful for making better decisions.  The last couple of days I hadn’t been feeling myself both physically and emotionally—my brain felt foggy, I wasn’t eating right so my stomach was off as well.  Today is about listening to what my body needs, what my heart is asking for, and what my soul is telling me is right.  I feel the improvement almost immediately.

Today I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this.  I’ve often thought that in order to make in impact on the world you needed to take large, dramatic steps.  Sometimes the biggest impact can come from simply listening to yourself and sharing your truth.  The biggest impact comes from sharing your authentic self.  Souls recognize truth in another without saying a word.  When we are in alignment with our own purpose, there is no better feeling, and that truth flows freely into the world.  That is what makes an impact.

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