Following Up on New Inspiration


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After yesterday’s struggle, I awoke trying to put myself in a better mood.  Today’s card was “The universe is always conspiring to support me, guide me, and lead me compassionately toward the highest good” Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor Deck.  I realized that the lessons I need to learn, even if I “fail” the first time around, are there to be just that: a lesson.  They aren’t there to make me a perpetually miserable person, they are there to help me elevate my game.

I watched a video from Marie Forleo and she spoke about always being on.  Specifically she spoke of recognizing that there are seasons and it isn’t possible to always be in bloom; we have to go with the flow, the changing of our own seasons as much of those in nature.  We are a part of nature and we need to go with what changes in our lives.  Constantly being in bloom will lead to burn out because we struggle to keep ourselves in a constant state of on with no chance for a recharge.

It’s ok to have the days we are down.  It’s important to recognize them as a need to reconnect with source and our purpose.  Everything is a lesson in trusting timing and going with the turns that come our way.  This resonated today, especially after feeling like a failure yesterday.  After that, I found another meme saying “Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year.”  Yet another sign to trust in the changing of the seasons and that everything happens for a reason.  Evolution, change, even the changing of seasons can be a difficult thing to weather because there is always uncertainty to the outcome.  But as I think about it, there hasn’t been any circumstance that I have not gotten through.  No season, no change that I have not weathered.  Change takes time, and setting the expectation to always be perfect or always ready to adhere to your new mindset is unrealistic.

Trusting that the universe is always guiding us where we need to be and understanding that change is a natural, necessary, and inevitable part of life is a nice reminder to be gentle with ourselves.  To just allow—flow, not force.  I have learned to constantly adjust my mindset to break the cycles that have always been so familiar to me.  It’s still a difficult thing for me, to completely buy in because I have been taught self-doubt for so long and to lash out.  I will admit it is getting easier to believe and to read the signs and to trust.  Trusting that our path and everything that comes with it is a natural course of life, that you don’t need to see the end and just take the first step, that all is well in the world is a massive undertaking.  But we can do it with one small step at a time.  For me, it was understanding that failure can be reframed-and sometimes it takes MANY attempts to be comfortable with the layers exposed when we let the old fall away.  It’s ok to take the attempts—never give up.

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