Sometimes It Just Clicks

photo of deep sky object

Photo by Alex Andrews on

I’ve been in a cyclical funk over the last few weeks–constantly up and down, not really happy, not really sad.  Just an overall discontent.  Today, I literally felt myself completely snap out of it.  I’ve always listened to a lot of self-help and have read a lot of self-help books as well, but for whatever reason, it just HIT me today.  All the lessons, all the repetition of mantras and affirmations, all the explanations of self-worth just clicked.

I worked on a ton of creative projects at work today.  It was appropriate because after listening to the chakra series about DOING yesterday, I dove right in and felt so much of my creativity unlock.  A contract that I had been waiting for came through so I felt like I was finally able to move forward with so many of the projects that have just been stagnant.  Taking that action literally felt like a wave had been unleashed.  That power made me feel unstoppable.  I felt myself immediately saying that this is the state that I want to be in all the time.

I happened to see a picture of some known celestial bodies.  I’ve always loved looking at images like that so this one in particular caught my eye.  It was an image comparing the size of these celestial bodies, the smallest of which was the sun.  Thinking of the fact that the sun can fit something like 1.3 million Earths in it and that the sun looked like an atom in these photos stopped me in my tracks.  Some of the bodies in this image were billions of times bigger.  That sense of smallness actually made me feel more connected than I had in a long time.  It made me feel that there is no reason to hold back.  There is no reason to fear anything.

This world is about having fun and in the cosmic scale of things, this is small potatoes.  It made me realize that I can absolutely go for anything I decide.  It is my decision to let my fears impact me and hold me back and it is also my decision to push those fears aside and move forward with what feels right.  I feel like when there are such powerful moments of clarity like that, you have to listen.  I also feel like that breakthrough is a sign I am absolutely on the right path.  To realize that the universe is big enough to handle whatever ideas I throw at it is extremely comforting.  To realize that my mistakes are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things helps me keep perspective.

There’s no reason to not enjoy the here and now.  I am grateful for every moment.  There’s no reason to not go for the biggest dreams we can think of.  Who knows what magic waits for us on the other side of fear.  All it takes is waking up from our trance and realizing we have the power to connect at ANY time and to hear the universe’s message–that little voice that says “Go for it.”

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