Sunday Gratitude

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Another weekend coming to an end, another day to be grateful.

Today I am grateful for animal snuggles because they are alive and healthy and constantly remind me of what it means to love unconditionally.

Today I am grateful for being able to treat my son to a little extra toy so he knows I am thinking of him and I am paying attention to the things he enjoys.  This is also about the ability to spread some joy by spending $10 on my child.  No, money isn’t the only way to show him I care, but I am grateful to be able to use money as energy and to share that with my child.

Today I am grateful to see the new holiday decorations in the store because it reminds me that we are entering an amazing season. A time of reflection, love, winding down, restoration, time spent with family, amazing food, cozy nights on the couch (with blankies, books, and my family), warm clothes, sharing, giving, and joy.

Today I am grateful to hear the signals my body is giving me.  I had a million things to do around the house—I’m really driving to get everything organized and purged this fall—and my body simply wasn’t having it.  I felt exhausted and drained.  Quite frankly everything felt like too much effort.  So I listened to my body and took an hour long nap.  After I woke up I read a horoscope that said to go easy on myself today and to listen to my body—I have done enough.  While that was hard to believe in the middle of the chaos that is currently my home, I appreciated it because it was a synchronicity with the universe.  I felt I needed to rest, I listened.

Today I am grateful for delicious comfort food.  I made a huge batch of chili in the crock pot yesterday and it proved to be the perfect meal for tonight.  YUM!!

Today I am grateful to breathe, take in my surroundings, and acclimate.  It was daylight savings time today so it’s now dark by 5:00.  This isn’t something that I used to have issues with until the last few years.  But it’s a sign of the changing season here and that means that I’m changing too.

Today I am grateful to find a new home for things that will be loved by someone else.  Clearing away honestly feels refreshing.  It’s a start to a long process and I’m happy to have begun the undertaking.  Sometimes the first step is the hardest, especially when it comes to sentimental attachment to things.  A side note to this one, I’m grateful for the memories those things evoke and the love I feel because they remind me of my child and it makes me happy to see how much he has grown in (almost) 3 short years.

Today I am grateful for being one step closer to where I want to be in life and to see all of the work I have been putting in pay off.

You always hear how difficult it is to change your mindset or your way of life, and it is important to remember to persevere.  We often don’t realize how close we are to a breakthrough.  I had several moments today when my entire world felt off kilter and I had to remind myself a million times in those moments that all is ok—this is nothing I can’t handle.  No one has the manual on how to live our lives and we are all just doing our best.  That includes me.  So I need to relax some of my expectations and just take it as it comes.  And continue to remember to be grateful.  Happy Sunday Evening..

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