Sunday Gratitude


This Sunday reminds me how important it is to be grateful.  It’s a quintessential, gorgeous fall day.  The temperature is perfect, the sun is out, the leaves are changing and showing their new colors.  It’s early afternoon and a gorgeous sense of calm fills me.

Today I am grateful for the reminder that all things change and it’s a natural, beautiful process.  Staying with change and accepting things as they are allows for a sense of appreciation and an ability to adapt.  Holding on to things that no longer serve creates a sense of disconnect and discontent that makes us feel like we have to fight the natural flow of things.

Today I am grateful for connection.  Being in touch with what I am feeling and responding to those needs allows me to enjoy and respond to the situation I am in rather than controlling and making what is something it is not.  Connecting with my husband and allowing him to respond to his own needs creates the space we need to not only care for ourselves, but to recognize more fully what the other needs when the time comes.

Today I am grateful for an emotional toddler because he reminds me that sometimes other people’s needs are more important than my own.  It also makes me more aware of understanding the signals someone sends when they have trouble articulating what they need.

Today I am grateful I got to take my son to his last basketball and soccer classes for the season because I got to enjoy those moments of him learning something new and forming relationships with kids his own age.  He is growing so fast and to have this time with him is something I cherish with all of my heart.

Today I am grateful for friends who seek to include us in watching the game because they remind me that there is always time to enjoy the little things in life.  Being with people who not only want you there but also make the time for it is a lovely feeling.

Today I am grateful for the synchronicities I’ve experienced this week because they are all leading me to where I need to be.

Today I am grateful for trust.  Understanding that my needs are met and simply following what is right for me, listening to my gut helps keep me in flow and heading in the right direction.  It has increased my anticipation and excitement for the future more than any amount of controlling has ever done.

Today I am grateful to just be here, experiencing this moment, and enjoying life.  Life moves quickly and it doesn’t pay to hold on tightly to things we can’t control.  We are meant to be in a state of trust, in flow, in open responsiveness to what the universe has planned for us.  Today I am most grateful for the reminder of how to be open to all the universe has to offer.

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