Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for the simple joy of standing outside.  I woke up earlier than I wanted to today (I honestly needed to, I just didn’t feel like it) and I started doing the things I needed to.  For a moment I found myself regretting making plans for today after having plans yesterday—I’m just not a go out all weekend type of woman anymore.  I found myself telling the same old story: I have so much to do, it won’t get all done, or if it does get all done it’s literally going to take me all day.  Which, is actually true, but that isn’t the point.  So while I started this list, the dog needed to go out and lately she’d rather play than go potty unless you’re watching her.  I slightly grudgingly went outside with her to the backyard.  And something came over me.  The birds were singing louder than I’ve ever heard them, even the mourning doves.  The geese were flying over.  I could already hear the bees moving. The breeze/temperature were perfect.  The calm took over.  All will get done as it needs to.  Sometimes we just need to reconnect with nature.

Today I am grateful for love.  We spent a great day with family yesterday and I have plans with a friend today and my brother also asked that we join him this afternoon.  So while I woke up feeling overwhelmed about getting it all done, after my little trip outside, I realized the most important thing: I’m blessed to have things to do.  I’m fortunate to have people I care about reaching out and wanting to spend time with me.  It’s time to share more of what I have, even if that is more energy.  We are graced with only so much time on this world and I choose to spend it with the people I love.  Yes, I know I have work to do.  I know I have things that require constant attention.  But I am fortunate in so many ways that I have the opportunity to experience that love.

Today I am grateful for lessons working.  Shortly after I started writing today’s gratitude, I went upstairs to change the laundry and found that the washer was leaking.  I didn’t panic (we had been anticipating it was coming, we just didn’t expect it today), I called my husband upstairs and we knew we had to go to the store.  I had a lunch date set but the store for the washer/dryer didn’t open until 11AM (we needed to see it in person—that’s another story) so I called my date and told them I was running a bit behind…no problem so far.  As we were on the way to the store, my husband rolled down the window and we found the switch no longer worked to bring it up.  The window was stuck halfway down, we were running behind…still nothing major, but getting frustrated.  While at the store, the certificate I had wouldn’t register on the scanner so we had to wait for their help desk—they confirmed it was correct but couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t read.  Then my account was locked…so I finally said it isn’t worth it, I’ll just pay and then the card I had was expired.  We got that sorted out and then as we were leaving, we saw the weather rolling in…with the window of the car still stuck down.  I literally prayed for the window to come up at that point.  I didn’t cry, I didn’t scream, I didn’t fight.  I just prayed.  And the window finally DID go up just before it started raining.  Keeping calm kept us moving forward. 

Today I am grateful for time to celebrate.  Even with the unexpected chaos, we had a wonderful lunch together, catching up, enjoying food together.  Even though it wasn’t the day we envisioned, it was beautiful.  Life always goes on and there are always bumps in the road—those bumps don’t make it any less beautiful than it is. 

Today I am grateful for connection.  This weekend has been filled with connection and love and time with people I needed to be with.  As much as I think I can do things on my own, I see I have to slow down.  Yes, I am driven enough to make all of this happen, but it all relies on my shoulders.  The pace eventually becomes unsustainable and the work starts slacking because not everything can get done.  I also find myself doing the bare minimum to keep afloat.  That isn’t how we move progress.  We move forward, yes, but we aren’t doing anything impactful.  We are just treading water, and that gets exhausting.  I am grateful to remember I don’t need to be a one woman show. 

Today I am grateful for opportunity.  Continuing on connection, I literally felt like I needed to do everything myself for the longest time otherwise I didn’t earn it.  I always felt I needed to prove myself.  Over the last few weeks I have continued to find myself blessed with different opportunities, different people coming out of the woodwork who have expressed their belief in me.  It isn’t necessary to have people believe in you to move forward and I am not talking about the proving culture.  I AM talking about how nice it is to feel that support, especially when you don’t think it’s there.  Sometimes that support looks different than you think, but knowing it is there feels amazing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.    

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