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“Do not filter yourself, do not make yourself a version of you think is more palatable, digestible, loveable.  Do not filter the humanity out of yourself.  Make content that makes you happy, that fills a creative void in your life…just do things because you love them and watch your life change.  You are suddenly doing things because they make you happy and that is a really powerful thing,” Elyse Myers.  This speaks to the very soul of what we need to remember in this world.  We are all trained to be and do the same thing by the time we enter school.  I even did it to my child (listen to your teachers! Behave!) when he went into pre-school.  We are born innately feeling a drive or a pull toward who we are.  We instinctively KNOW what we want and who we are but we are taught to not believe that knowing.  We are taught we have to be a certain way.  No crying, be tough, be productive, be able to do it all, don’t say no, make people like you.

When we remove the noise of what we are told to do and who to be, things get quieter.  You can hear your own thoughts a bit more.  Remove the doubt and that voice becomes more clear.  Start honoring and doing the things you are drawn to do, you start developing your own identity.  When you find the things you love, you find happiness.  When you find happiness, you radiate that light into the world.  I think the whole world would function a bit differently if we stopped pretending we are happy.  The world would function differently if we stopped pretending this is working.  The world would FEEL different if we understood the shifts that are taking place in us.  On some level we all know that this isn’t working anymore and we are unhappy because we are still trying to make things work in the old way.

There comes a time we need to make decisions about how we proceed in life.  This is one of those moments.  You can choose to do what you’ve always done and believe that the same path is going to work for you.  Or you can trust that you are being shown another way and answer the inner knowing.  You can trust who you are.  As Elyse said, the world already has the version of you that is palatable and digestible and performative.  Every time we step out the door we try to make people see us a certain way.  The ironic thing is that we are all seeing the same thing from everyone.  We are all wearing the same thing, putting on the same smile, laughing at the expected jokes, making the same small talk.  The version that we feel comfortable seeing/expressing is all the same.  The truth is I am no longer comfortable making anyone else comfortable. 

Every one of us has the need to be truly seen (when I say seen I mean understood and heard for who we really are, I’m not talking the attention/performative sense).  That’s why we end up with groups of people who have similar interests.  We spend so much of our day either being told what to do and who to be or putting on an act just to make it through with a modicum of acceptance that we need to seek out those who are like the real us.  Why do we spend the majority of our productive waking hours doing and being things we are not?  Because we are told we have to dedicate our time to a machine in order to survive.  This world is changing and we are seeing people creating their own definition of life and thriving everywhere.  We are waking up to the change we know we need because we see possibility outside of the grind we are told is the only way.  We can create the way.

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